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MKTG 2270 – Assignment Research: SAMSUNG -Target Market
Samsung Targets a variety of users with different phones. For example Word press reports, “This campaign for the Samsung Galaxy IV will be aimed universally at existing Samsung Galaxy customers and non-brand loyal consumers of competitors”(The Marketing Diary) AGE/LIFESTYLE suggests, “With its focus on being an aspirational brand to its target audience of young consumers, Samsung is wooing Millennials with high-profile partnerships with celebrities like Alexander Wang, LeBron James, Usher, and Jay Z”(Interbrand) Samsung’s target market millenials(born after 1980) and older buyers of a higher income and education demography. As the previous quotation also suggests, Samsung’s users are drawn to products marketed by celebrities and are likely drawn to the social networking streams that these celebs are a part of. Many millenials are defined by their social lifestyle. They like mainstream music, the party scene and staying up to date on the latest social news. Images of people swimming, running, biking and skateboarding on Samsungs website suggest that Samsung buyers may be interested in Active and adventurous lifestyles. EDUCATION/INCOME Thenextweb tells an example of Samsung’s attempts to target non brand loyal consumers, “Samsung is turning its attention — and sizeable marketing budget — to the business-to-business (B2B) space after unveiling a global marketing campaign for business users. The launch of the campaign — ‘New Business Experience’ — comes the same day that reports suggested that the White House is ready to swap its fleet of BlackBerry smartphones for a more flexible option that lets employees choose from Samsung’s Galaxy range, or Apple’s iPhone and iPad products.”(the next web) Samsung targets individuals in a huge educational demographic. Samsung is marketing towards millenials who could be at any educational level from middle school to University/College Undergrad and...
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