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SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION – it is an analysis of the sociological processes involved in the educational institutions. Obviously, this area of study emerges from the field of educational sociology and emphasizes the study of within the institutions of education. EDUCATIONAL SOCIOLOGY – it applies the sociological perspectives for the analysis of educational processes. It is believed that educational sociology is simply the sociological study of education. The application of sociological concepts yields insights into the understanding of educational problems. It is a two-prong process. On the one hand, it sharpens the sociological conceptualization of tools and techniques, enriches the discipline, and on the other, gives new illumination towards the solution of educational problem. Educational sociology is an important division of sociological studies. It makes an effort to achieve the aims of sociology through educational process which occurs between the individual and the society. It is concerned with educational aims, methods, institutions, administration and curricula, in relation to economic, political, religious, social and cultural forces of the society in which they function.

Educational sociology is a new branch of sociology. It was Henry Suzzallo who gave the first courses in educational sociology in 1907; the first text being written by Walter R. Smith in 1917. 1.The first Journal of Educational Sociology was started in 1927. Then there came the publication of the Journal of Social Education in 1936. All this happened in the United States of America. 2.The initiative then was taken up by the Education Commission which called together “a group of sociologists to discuss the sociology of education and the immediate contribution sociologists could make in the foundation of Education Policy”. 3.The deliberations of the seminars are published in the book form. 4.The essential character of Educational sociology is derived from sociology, said otherwise,...
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