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Topics: Income, Household income in the United States Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Questions for Hiong Dong Ceng Sdn Bhd Case

1. What are the two main issues that need to be addressed?

Issues one: can all the properties be sold?
Analysis of issue one
Getting the sufficient customers whom are able to buy properties is the most important issue that the housing developer must to consider. Because build houses and properties just for sale out and get profits from it. Otherwise, housing developer would suffer a losing proposition. Therefore, there are certain relevant problems that have to do the further research and experiments. ‘Can all the properties be sold out?’ can be the issue that housing developer must be think of.

Issue two: do the same people buy the properties?
Analysis of issue two
Who would interest in houses and properties? And who would forward to buy those houses and properties? These two quite different questions are often facing by housing developers. Same as ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, people need it does not mean that they will buy it. Because of there are many different communities. For example, people who always go to luxury shop, not only all the rich customers, but also quite number of customers look for promotion products. It always depends on the communities. As a result, we can say ‘Do the same people buy the properties?’ is the main issue that housing developer should think of.

2. For each issue, determine what relevant existing knowledge that you have. Issue one. ‘can all the properties be sold?’
From the existing information we have known:
There are four kinds of properties. Low cost, medium cost, and high cost and also commercial units. Housing development component and expect sale price:
Low cost: RM42, 000 – RM47, 000 (single storey terrace house) Medium cost: RM80, 00 –RM100, 000 ( RM170, 000 with a double story) High cost: RM255, 000 – RM310, 000 (double storey terrace house) Commercial units: RM90, 000 – RM2, 950, 000

The existing knowledge need to know by further observation. Population...
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