Marketing reflective essay

Topics: Marketing, Multi-level marketing, Management Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: May 4, 2014

As Jobber(2012) was claiming, the marketing concept is "Achieving corporate goals by meeting and exceeding customer needs, better than the competition". Marketing is the process of telling a true story in an unforgettable manner. As a consequence, it became an essential tool in the competitive business environment. The main objective is to maximize the company's profit by showing up with stunning adverts. Bearing in mind the development of technology, "It is well known that markets grow by the reduction of unit prices: this is how the computer became a household necessity", this could not be possible without a good marketing strategy (Kapferer 2012, p.205). Ever since I finished High School, I stood among people that set up businesses without any help, dealing with problems and learning from the occurred challenges. My thirst for knowledge had increased when somebody introduced me a multilevel marketing business and the innovative method that implied this cash back system. Therefore, I was influenced in a positive way, understanding what I truly want for my future. I got involved in that multilevel marketing business with a couple of friends, developing a team in which we had a simple goal: growing on both financial and educational aspects. In other words, this was my first step in dealing with many people and improving my persuasive skills. During this process, I had learnt to plan every step along the way, to analyse each business situations, to research and compile data in order to make accurate decisions. It was not long until I realized that my biggest aim was much more than just taking part in someone else’s business, so I started to invest in my education. As a result, I decided to leave my country to one of the most flourishing countries in Europe, Great Britain. From my point of view, Marketing is one of the most useful modules that I have been studying during my University programme, due to the fact that it is highly important to know how to...

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