Marketing Reflection Paper

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: February 24, 2014
What was your firm’s marketing strategy? How would you rate your performance (less than 1 page)? Cheetah Corp. as many other corporations has a customer oriented marketing focus is on customer needs and satisfaction. Cheetah Corp. caters to the needs and requirements of the existing and future customers, and uses resources to gather new consumers. Each time we opened to other markets, we created content and published to give information about our new computers and services to potential customers. To influence our potential customers we used advertisement ads highlighting their preferences and most have list. This strategy was possible with database provided in the simulation giving us the opportunity to create customized communication strategies through our newspaper in order to promote our new products and services. Opening to other diversities and cultures in terms of beliefs, expectations, tastes and needs and then create a customized marketing plan to target those consumers effectively. Our performance was good, but it can improve. As now we are the number one on sales and market share. LO1: Explain the “marketing concept” and its strategic importance to business performance Our marketing concept and strategy that we used to focus on keeping and improving relationships with current customers was learning from our database their needs/preferences, their market, amount willing to pay, and physical location to determine their culture. By reviewing customers’ needs and wants we were able to identify Workhorse price was the number one in their list of importance, while Mercedes was too much concerned about price. Mercedes number one priority was “can work on multiple complex tasks” while Workhouse and Travelers did not care as much about this feature. Under “Segment by applications” we were able to identify Mercedes was not concern as much as Workhorse. Mercedes was more concern about “engineering/design” than Travelers and Warhorse. This gave...
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