Marketing: Questions and Answers

Topics: Need, Marketing, Want Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: February 17, 2011
Donnie Combs
Module 1 Assignment 1
October 30, 2010

What is your opinion about the marketing profession?
* I feel that marketers have a very important role in any company. Marketers are the ones who get the product name out there so the consumer can see what there product is about and how there product could help them. There are like the backbone of a company.

Do you perceive your enrollment in this course as a need or a want? Support your answer with reasons.

* I percieve my enrollment in the course as a want because I want to be able to receive a MBA form the fine institution. So with that being said enrollement in this course is needed to reach that goal

What is your opinion about the general perception of needs and wants among consumers and marketers? * Many cnsumers confuse many products as a need when only it’s a want. Im gonna use myself as a example I have a shopping addiction. I use a excuse that when I attend any function I need to buy me a new outfit when in fact I have a lot of things already in my closet to wear. But I always find myself in the malls or local shopping strips buying a new outfit. Now for marketers it is there job to confuse the mind to make you think there product is a need because of people like me and my shopping addiction. Do you think marketers focus in on target markets? Share one example of a company that does an excellent job of focusing in on their target market. Share one example of a company that does a poor job of focusing in on their target market * Yes I feel that marketers focus on target markets. For example like this commercial I saw while watching the game last night it showed a major basketball wearing there name brand shoe saying the reason his skill is so good is because he is wearing there particular shoe. An example of a poor marketing commercial is the nissan commercial when they showed consumer driving around in there altima dinging it up and running over potholes....
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