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Tutor Course Date Rogers Chocolate marketing strategy Primary Market The target customers of the products from Rogers chocolate were mainly affluent customers that sought luxury from the prestigious and uncommon gift items. These were mainly tourists and other cruise ship visitors. Another target is customers who have an emotional attachment to Rogers chocolates. These people have been using Rogers chocolates as special gifts for their loved ones during special events. Through careful tending of this target market, the primary market itself has helped in expanding the market base the loyal customers usually give Rogers as personal gift or a corporate gift to quite a large number of people. Most of these recipients have thus become loyal customers where they buy large numbers of stock every year during certain events (Zietsma). Secondary market Compared to the related others in the market, Rogers chocolates are expensive. This is because of the high quality ingredients they use together with the hand packing process. This makes it difficult to compete with other cheaper local producers. Other customers are from outside the customers that have learnt about Rogers chocolate from their travels into the country or through the internet. They see Rogers chocolates as a classic gift that is obscure (Zietsma). Marketing programme Product The main products for sale in are, Marquis assortment, Ice cream and ice cream bars, Dark chocolate almond brittle, Fruit and nut collection, Empress Squares, Collectible gift tins Price The products are sold at different wholesale markets at similar prices. However, at retail markets, the retailers have their own different prices that are usually determined by the location, competition they are facing, the season and the buying price. To induce the buying of Rogers chocolates, there are discounts and other price-oriented inducements at different times of the year. These include rewards to frequent customers, discounts in bulk...
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