Marketing Project

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International Delight Advertisement 1
International delight is a coffee creamer that appeals to a lot of people and social classes by creating new flavors that will attract a larger group of coffee drinkers and those that drink at highly rated coffee shops.

This advertisement page has three different advertisements on it. The advertisement on this page shows that you can “flavor your world”. Just that statement alone shows the use of demographics and social class. No matter where you live or what class you are in you are able to escape to another world just by adding this creamer to your coffee.

The use of norms is showing that you are able to explore other countries by drinking the International Delight in your coffee. By appealing to the rules of social behavior the advertisements shows that you can experience the tastes of another world.

There are emotions used in these advertisements by reasoning that if you add this to a normal cup of coffee you are escape to another world. Emotions are an important decision maker for consumers and by appealing to the emotions of one of the worst things of consumers, getting up and motivated in the morning, they are appealing to the start of the morning being easier to start.

The use of Cultural Functionality is showing that they want to bring new people into other cultures by stimulating the tastes that are a natural in other countries and making them available to everyone that will drink coffee. An American can experience the taste of England by placing creamer in a cup of coffee, making it easy to escape to another country or culture.

International Delight Advertisement 2
The advertisement listed above uses the List of Values (LOV) for advertising. The International Delight advertisers have used those to appeal to America’s love with chocolate. By appealing to the love of chocolate the consumer is more appealing to buy the product for the reasoning of having chocolate in the morning with a...
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