marketing process

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(1.1) Describe various elements of the marketing process for Norainies Cookies. Marketing Process

i) Situation Analysis
In this process, this is the first step for organisation to set-up or analyse the market environment where in this step it is crucial for organisation to determine the potential to market and produce the most suitable product toward customer in order to gain profit.

a) PEST analysis
Where in this cases Norainies applying the PEST analysis where Norainies able to enter global market due to their company able to determine the external factor and fulfil different taste of international customer. Before Norainis cookies start-up the business, it is crucial for Norainies company to analyse and understand their own organisation capabilities and what customer desire before operating so that Norainies company able to avoid any unnecessary expenses and aim for the customer desire in this cases in food industry area, where we can see that Norainies cookies are more focusing on cookies which gives a unique taste where the customer can taste festive cookies daily and even Norainies cookies able to entering internationally market able to fulfil the international customer taste even there are lots of others competitor out there such as Famous Amous, Craft, and Munchy.

ii) Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy is apply after the organisation discover what customer needs where the marketing strategy concept is to understanding the customer and satisfy their needs better than the competition and it important to understand that different customer have their own different taste and desire so it is hard to satisfy all customer by treating them equally so by applying suitable strategy in the market it is possible to attract most customer as possible due even value of one customer is very valuable towards organisation. The organisation also must care regarding the other factor that might affect the marketing strategy which...
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