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First of all, our group includes four members considers many expectations when finding a good business to do. Our first expectation is having a new idea in Vietnam, to have a higher standpoint than a market follower. Then we would prefer a business with good expanding potential, so as to be able to have better profit as the business develops. We also want the business to be new, and to have good unique selling points (USPs), to target an easier success. Noting down all these expectations, we proceed to the second stage of choosing a business area. In the second stage, we discover that the popular restaurants sector is among the easy yet highly profitable businesses to do in Vietnam. Investments are low in consideration with other businesses such as manufacturing goods. Moreover, less effort is needed for Research and Development (R&D). Capital flow is also more attractive, since it is mostly on a daily basis – what you spend on one day; you harvest the result of it on the same day (except for place renting, machineries and staff wages). In addition, we realize that global economy in general and Vietnam’s economy in particular; people’s life standard is improved a great deal. People are no longer “eat to live” but “live to eat”, instead. The third stage of our choice is find a specific topic to work on, i.e. the type of food to do business with. As the trend for healthy food has been popularized rapidly in Vietnam and also all over the world, junk foods nowadays are losing their attractiveness. The recent research done by us has turned out that among 10 men and 10 women taking the survey, all shows interest in foods and drinks made from vegetables and fresh fruits, which they consider a much healthier choice than the types they are currently consuming. Four over ten women either want to have at least 40% of their families’ meals to be bean gruel or has already applied the menu. The reason is, they seriously think that their families’ diet is HARMFUL (that was the word they use, instead of “not good”) for their health, and they want a “softer” diet, which contain less animal fat/protein. Furthermore, we understand that lunch is one of the most important meals of a day. Consequently, providing a lunch box full of nutrition and vitamin is very important for people after hard working day and helps them continue their work for the rest of the day. Besides that, after conducting a research, we realized that students and working adults nowadays are spending money on lunch meal but the quality of food is not really good and the hygiene factor is not guaranteed. Moreover, customers do not have many choices. In addition, even when people are able to afford such expensive meal, for instance, students have a big amount of allowance or working adults have high salary, sometimes, they are unable to enjoy meals in qualify restaurants due to the lack of time. In this situation, we want to establish a company, which offers not only high quality, convenience but also a wide range of choices for customers. In order to meet such requirement, Bento House Co., LTD is established to bring customers the best product and service possible. Coming to us, people are served with Bento, a part of Japanese cuisine. With the guarantee of food supply channel, we directly produce and sell product to customers. Our slogan is “Art of eating- Art of cooking”. We believe that when holding a box of Bento, customers will be very surprised because of the attractiveness that it brings. Furthermore, people will experience much surprise and excite when they see inside the box. Everything will leave a memorable impression on the customers, pulling them to our shops times and times again. Our company wants to give customer a lunch box as a type of art for them to enjoy.

Matching the selected product with our expectations again, we decided to make up this plan: First, we invest money (either fully or partly) to start the...
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