Marketing Principles

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Katazina Klimova, 2012

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) Marketing Principles

Leisure activities are important and meant to de-stress a person and carry attention away from work. The aims are to give person a sense of self and some recreational activity. And UK market of leisure centres and gyms became very competitive; this is indicated by three factors: people became more health conscious, number of gyms is constantly increasing and membership becomes more and more affordable. This case study seeks to explain what marketing strategies and orientations are in leisure market and GLL in particular.

PROFILE of company chosen
GLL is a social, charitable enterprise that provides leisure and fitness services in London. They work for benefit of everyone in the public, the communities we work in, their staff and partners. GLL was founded in 1993, by Greenwich Council’s Leisure Department. The scheme was a risk at a time when significant budget cuts by local authorities were expected in the field of leisure. GLL practises employee ownership: At the present moment GLL have reached the number of membership nearly 450,000 with tens of millions of visitors every year. The list of product they offer to customers: * Weights and exercise machines

* Group fitness classes (Aerobics, yoga, Pilates etc)
* Personal training
* Swimming Pool
* Other leisure services (Saunas, Aromatherapy etc.)
* Sales of food, drink, clothing and equipment

Marketing concepts
Marketing is a process by which people obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products goods or services which has value to customers. It consists of identification, anticipation and satisfaction of your potential client. That means, in order to make your client ultimately happy and loyal you must research and analyse what exactly applies to your clienteles needs, wants or demands prior providing the product, think one step ahead of them as in peoples nature we never want the same thing all the time, project and predict what customers will want in future and provide it so it would meet all their expectations and desires using effective pricing, communication and distribution to inform and motivate. Benefits and costs of marketing orientation in GLL

Marketing orientation is a philosophy how organisation of marketing should be carried out and it can be classified under any of the following: Product orientation – when company can produce unique product and they put all the efforts to attract consumers, usually used in high technology firms. Sales orientation – when firms efforts are dedicated to selling as much units as possible because often capacity exceeds demand. Production orientation – when company concentrates primarily on what they produce than what consumer wants, often sell in massively in bulk at low costs. Market orientation – when customer is the dictator of what should be produced, company pays attention mainly to research in order to find out what are consumers wishes. So, I believe that GLL are market orientated - market led, because they dedicate all attention to health and physical wellness, they are keen on making their society pleased. They believe that as long as they are able to identify potential customers, find out what they want, and then introduce it to them, it will remain successful. And this orientation does have advantages such as: * The business should be flexible to changes in demand patterns * Expanding number of facilities

* The business will have strong understanding of the needs of the customer * New products should have a greater chance of success

But also there can be disadvantages as:
* High cost of market research
* Constant internal change as needs of they meet the
* Impulsiveness of future and rejection of...
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