Marketing Practice of Silk Product

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Marketing Practice of Silk Product


"Marketing mix is a combination of the four elements products, price structure, distribution system, and promotion activities-used to satisfy the needs of an organization's target markets and, at same time, achieve its marketing objectives", Marketer's success depends on right implementation of this marketing mix. If there is any problem in marketing mix it requires finding out this problem and solution. Researcher has find out the problem of marketing mix elements in silk products marketing.

Product is a set of tangible and intangible attribute including packaging, color, price, quality and brand plus the seller's services and reputation. A product may be a good, service, place, person or idea,' There are several types of product are produced by Silk like Panjabi, Shirt, Saree & Three piece etc.

Products available in the silk industry
Table 1
|Name of the company |Products | |Douel Silk |Panjabi, Shirt, Saree & Three piece | |Sopura Silk |Panjabi, Shirt, Saree & Three piece | |Usha Silk |Panjabi, Saree & Three piece |

Source: Survey data

Product line

According to Philip Kotlar, “A product line is a group of products that are closely related because they perform a similar function and sold to the same customer groups are marketed through the same channels are fall within given price range.”

Sopura Silk Mills Ltd. has three products lines-

Product lines
|Line A |Ladies items | |Line B |Gents items | |Line C |Thankapor |

Source: Survey data

Though the products are shown in three lines the number of product items is increasing. The existing numbers of products are shown in list of retail price in this chapter.


Packaging is used for various purposes. There are many advantages of using packaging. These protect the product; maintain quality, helps in promotional activities etc. To achieve these goals Silk factories are also used packaging. It uses poly bags, paper bags etc. which are printed with company’s name, address and other information. And the company packed in a large cartoon box to send the products to the middleman for sale.

Brand is a name and/or make intended to identify the product of one seller or a group or sellers(s). The producer use brand name as usual. They do not follow the branding policy consciously. Small size producer do not use brand but middle or large size producer use brand name by using their firm name or their own name. They do not use trademark but middlemen use trademark.

Silk factory uses various types of labeling for its products. Label contains various information, indication, advertising etc.

Every product’s design is very important. Although man use cloth for meeting their basic need but they expect beyond of that. Researcher finds that design has played an important role in marketing of silk product. Consumers are not satisfied with the only design of saree, three pieces, panjabi & shirts. They expect verities in design of those products. Researcher also found that producer itself or his design master develops their product design with his own thinking. They have no institutional knowledge of design. Some times they copy the competitor's design. The producers for those products mainly face this problem...
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