marketing plans of pamper baby diaper

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A successful marketing is the ability of a company to execute plans for conception, launch, pricing, promotion, and distribution of a product or service to satisfy both; the target customers' needs as well as organization's goals. Thus, managing the market of a product requires significant decision making with regards to identifying the target market, assessing its positioning in the minds of consumers, designing suitable pricing policy, and ensuring availability of the product to all the customer segments. Our objectives are to rebuild the brand and gain greater market share. we suggest that the company should carry out more promotion rather than dropping the price. The ways used are by advertising through different mediums in order to create customers' brand awareness and loyalty towards our products and to increase our sales volume.

For the first year, Procter and Gamble will be focusing on competitive advertising where Pampers is able to point out their special features, uses and advantages relative to competing brands. In the long run, Procter and Gamble are also planning to reach agreements with hospitals where doctors and nurses are encouraged to use our products for new born babies. With this, we can indirectly attract parents' attention and this leads to quality convincing and brand loyalty throughout all the stages of babies growth, be it with doctors' advise or just sharing stories among other parents. The 4-Level of Prizes is another promotion strategy that we are strongly convinced on. Customers are physcologically driven to keep buying Pampers' products in order to accumulate points and redeem prizes. In the view of product innovation, we Pampers are going to improve our products by offering a wider range of sizes, thicker in breath and eco friendly diapers. For example, due to the increase in the customer’s awareness of the environment, Pampers will market green diapers where each product line is developed to the stage of a baby toddler’s life accordingly. In budget sense, Pampers is contributing increasing profit to Procter & Gamble by reaching profit up to USD 5369 million in year 2008. This number later climbed up to USD 5471 million in 2009 and USD 5736 million in 2010. By this, we believe we can grow our business and greater shareholder and stakeholder value by bringing innovations to the marketplace that can upgrade the living standards of consumers at all economic levels. ACTION PROGRAMS

Product (What will be done?)
Innovation on thicker diapers with scent will be done. Since urine and motion create bad odours, Pampers researchers proposed that diapers come with scent and thicker in breadth to absorb heavy leakages without any odour for long hours. A bigger range of size choices will also be offered to solve the problem of limited sizes available in market to fit all babies in every stages. Also, we are offering eco friendly diapers whereby these green diapers can be cleaned easily and recycable.

Price (What will be done?)
Pampers must set reasonable prices based on its proposed production cost on material used. Also, Pampers have to conduct reference pricing, which is ever-aware of what prices their competitors are offering in the market. If the prices set is higher than consumer’s expectation, consumers will be more likely to turn to the competitors’ products.

Place (what will be done?)
Products should be placed at visible stores to create customers based awareness. Among the places that are suitable to distribute Pampers samples are places like parents workshop, nurseries, supermarket, etc.

Promotion (what will be done?)
Pampers can roll commercial ads using different types of mediums such as TVs and radios. Also, marketers can make utilize on blogging network. Website posting by some bloggers who are also new parents can be role models for their followers can be useful too. BUDGETS

Pamper Baby Dry diapers budgets is to achieve the target profit and compete with other...
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