Marketing Plan: the Tea Shop

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Marketing Plan: The Tea Shop
1.0 Purpose and Mission
1.1         Purpose of the Marketing Plan
            This marketing plan for the Tea Shop in Spain is produced to review the future of the business. In this plan, strategies are identified for the growth of the business considering opening new lines of business such as distribution of tea in top-of-the-range restaurants and hotels and also opening new shops in other countries.  

1.2         Mission Statement
            Tea is one of the most drunk beverages in the world. World tea production continued to reach new highs in 2004, when output grew by 2 percent to reach an estimated 3.2 million tonnes, according to an FAO report prepared for the Intergovernmental Group on Tea meeting in Bali (20-22 July 2005) to review the current world tea market and its medium-term outlook. Tea is a natural source of caffeine, theophylline, and antioxidants, although it has almost no fat, carbohydrates or protein. It has a cooling, slightly bitter and astringent taste. Tea also contains an important quantity of minerals and anti-oxidants which play an important role in protection from cancer and heart disease and the maintenance of oral health; that there is a connection between tea drinking and a healthier lifestyle; and that tea is a refreshing, reviving drink.             But in spite of these, with the country that is generally coffee drinker and coffee producer, that is Spain, tea shops establishments had experience difficulties in penetrating the market.             The Tea Shop which was established late in 1980’s by Per Sundmalm is an enterprise that imports high quality tea. The first tea shop was opened in autumn of 1990 in Barcelona. Sundmalm has established the tea shop because of his search for good quality tea in Barcelona. Tea drinker in Spain is a rarity. Spaniards are generally coffee drinkers. Tea in Spain is mainly for medicinal purposes. But Sundmalm suggest that there is no problem in demand of tea in Spain but rather the problem is that there is low supply of good quality tea in Spain.             The first years of their operation, the business was very slow. The company has having a hard time of convincing the community that the shop is not healthy shop but a tea shop.             However, in some years of operation and after Spain has entered the European Union, people in Spain has opened up their minds and consumption of teas increased by the year 2000.             The tea shop vision of is to be the recognized as the quality seal that guarantees chain of specialized exclusive boutiques only sells high quality teas. The tea shop has tried to convince anyone in Spain who is interested of good quality tea. As what Sundmalm discover, there is no problem in demand but rather the availability of good quality teas in Spain that is the problem.             Tea Shop offers good quality of tea from plantation to customers. The company also offers their own blend of teas between taste and the local tradition. They also offer services like advising and orienting their clients in selecting the best blend of tea that would suit their taste.             Their goal is that “our trademark The Tea Shop of East West Company be recognized as a quality seal that guarantees that our chain of specialized exclusive boutiques only sell high quality teas.”             The tea shop offers only tea but more than one hundred varieties with maximum quality and freshness. They also offer wide range of accessories and exclusive delicacies for perfect enjoyment of tea. The company takes care of providing their shops with the products and information necessary to satisfy all clients’ needs. The staff has broad and complete training that permits them to give effective advice to their clients.            

2.0 Situational Analysis
2.1         Environmental Analysis
            In order to analyze the macroenvironment, PEST Analysis is used. PEST analysis is very important that an...
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