Marketing Plan: Sugar Free Hot Cocoa Mix

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2Environmental analysis3
2.1Political and legal conditions3
2.2General economical conditions4
2.3Demographic conditions4
3Market analysis4
3.1Market information5
3.2.1Wander AG7
3.2.2Nestlé S.A.7
3.2.3Kraft Food Inc.8
3.3SWOT Analysis9
4.1Niche product10
4.3Creation of strong brand11
4.4Popularise the product11
4.5Built market share11
5Target group12
6Marketing mix12
6.2.1Marketing Strategy14
6.2.3Value to customer15
6.2.5Negotiation margin16
6.3.1Distribution Strategy16
6.3.2Type of channel distribution16
6.3.3Channel selection17
6.3.4Distribution intensity17
6.3.5Channel integration17
6.4.1Create awareness and desire for the product19
6.4.3Message decisions19
6.4.4Media decisions20 media21

“The clearer the vision the clearer the success”
The purpose of this assignment is to launch a new product in a specific market segment. In this case, this product is a sugar free hot cocoa mix called “Cocoa Jewels”. The following chapters treat the key elements of establishing a new product with the goal to derivate a strategy for “Cocoa Jewels” in order to successfully entrench and operate the brand on the market. Furthermore this product launching strategy is based on the condition that our product is released by a food producer that is operating on the business to consumer market. 2Environmental analysis

2.1Political and legal conditions
The international trade of cocoa is regulated by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), a global organization composed of member countries from both cocoa producing (African, South American and Asian countries) and cocoa consuming countries (including Germany and the whole European Union, Switzerland and Russia). In 1973 it was established and since then put into effect, six International Cocoa Agreements, the last of them was negotiated in 2001 and came into force in 2003. The purpose of the International Cocoa Organization is to “work towards a sustainable world cocoa economy”. This includes work on customs tariffs on cocoa beans, cocoa semi-products and chocolate import and taxes related to cocoa consumption and processing. Besides prices are also fluctuating because of seasonal influences. They also depend on the rate of the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) and the Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange Inc. of New York where cocoa is mostly traded.

2.2General economical conditions
The global crisis of the last years had an impact on the German economy. For the first time in five years, the country had a negative economic growth (-5%). The rise of the prices abruptly dropped in 2009 from 2,6% to 0,4% after 4 years of constant augmentation. The money spent by households for personal consume dropped from 2,5% in 2008 to 0,5% in 2009. However the German government is hoping for amelioration for the coming years. It expects an economical growth of 1,4% for 2010 and 1,6% for 2011 as well as an increase of the working population. Moreover a 2,5% augmentation of the average worker net income which should revive the private consume. We see this revival of the private consume as an opportunity for the launching of a new product. 2.3Demographic conditions

The demographical condition of Germany records a decreasing population which is getting older. Also the total number of single and two-person households is rising. Creating a product which attracts the upper age classes opens up new market potential and opportunities. 3Market analysis

The following market analysis is based on our product strategy which will be described later...

References: 8.1 Books
Marketing und Marktforschung, Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch für die Aus- und Weiterbildung, Josef Schnettler, Gero Wendt, Cornelser (2003)
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