Marketing Plan (Retail Store)

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Executive Summary

AtoZ Hockey is a retailer of hockey equipment and services in the southwest community of. The prospective opening date is August 1, 2010, just prior to the 2010-11 hockey season.

The physical location of the store will be on the southeast corner of. The store intends to serve the southwest communities of. The location provides access from all directions and is less than one kilometer from the 121st Street exit on Highway 26, a newly constructed leg of the ring road system. Intensive market research has conceded this location as ideal due to various demographics, the most prominent being family orientation and socio-economic status.

AtoZ encounters competition from larger and more established stores. , the largest of these stores, is located about ten minutes to the North. It can be considered our most challenging competitor. is owned by the Group, the Island’s largest sporting goods retailer. retails equipment and apparel for a wide variety of sports. Our second major competitor, located fifteen minutes North is . The most established sporting goods outlet in the city is a smaller store which retails equipment and apparel for many sports, of which hockey is the most popular. The last major competitor, newly-opened SportsLife, is an exclusively hockey-oriented retailer located approximately thirty minutes to our West. Of the three stores, it boasts the largest selection of hockey equipment, accessories, and apparel. However, it is also the furthest distance from our store.

A SWOT analysis reveals the various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are to be anticipated during operation. Strengths include the retailing of high-quality brand name products, knowledgeable and experienced customer service staff, its location in a notably affluent community with a new school, as well as its offering of hockey conditioning camps during the off-season. Its weaknesses reveal a struggle to acquire significant brand recognition, a lack of buying power, a substantially higher labor cost required to retain experienced staff, as well as competition from larger, privately-operated hockey camps. Opportunities include the ability to take advantage of the unfulfilled customer need of knowledge, the potential for a second location in the southwest community of , a possibility of franchising, as well as partnering with local varsity sports teams, such as the University of Dongau Bears and to become an official team supplier. Threats include a possible price reduction strategies by nearest competitor , as well as increased marketing efforts in the southwest. Another possible threat includes the seasonal nature of the sport.

Objectives of this market plan include a desire to obtain $1 million in revenues in its first year of operation, with the target of a 10% increase in each subsequent year. In addition, AtoZ expects to retain an 80% capacity in each of its off-season conditioning camps. AtoZ also anticipates a minimum of 30% return-on-assets in its first year of operation. Intangible objectives include developing an increased community awareness of the health and wellness benefits of playing hockey, as well as acquiring the reputation of a company which cares about the well-being of its customers and its community.

Marketing strategies include four categories: products, pricing, promotion, and placement. Products will include brand name hockey equipment and accessories by Nike-Bauer, Easton, Mission, Sher-Wood, KOHO, and CCM. In addition, AtoZ will be offering several off-season conditioning camps to support physical activity goals and supplement lower sales. AtoZ anticipates pricing to be at least 10% higher than its largest competitor. This can be attributed to retaining an experienced staff, as well as a smaller scale. Promotions will begin with a grand opening celebration which will include special pricing on certain items, as well as a BBQ, outdoor games, prizes,...
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