marketing plan phase 3

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Marketing Plan Phase 3
Cynthia Marshall
February 3, 2014
Shannon Peterson

In Phase 3 of our marketing plan for Budweiser’s new Apple lite flavored beer, we will be discussing the attributes of our product of which we will be launching. Next, we will then describe the steps in which our new Apple lite flavored Beer will take as it begins its journey from the introductory stage, then in its growth stage, its maturity stage followed by its declining stage, as well as the factors that will affect our products movement through these stages and how our marketing efforts will be affected by the products life cycle. Then will we identify the positioning and differentiation strategies that will help market our product. Lastly we will describe what appropriate pricing strategy that we will need to get our new product sold in stores around the world. ATTRIBUTES

Bud Light Apple Ale will be a traditionally brewed light beer with apple cider mixed and fermented. Bud Light Apple Ale will also be 5% alcohol by volume. Bud Light Apple Ale will be offered in 12-ounce bottles and cans. Bud Light Apple Ale will also be 150 calories per 12- ounce serving and gluten free. The bottles for Bud Light Apple Ale will be marked “Bud Light Apple Ale” in white letters, in the traditional area Bud Light marks their bottles. The label and entire bottle will be a solid dark red, with a green stripe up the middle of the bottle. This will distinguish the difference between this beer, Budweiser, and Bud Light Lime. The Bud Light Apple Ale will fit into the market between a light beer, and the up and coming cider productions. The Bud Light Apple Ale will be brewed at one of our traditional breweries in St. Louis Missouri. The Bud Light Apple Ale line will be distributed by trucks to local beer distributors; and to local bars to reach the market for consumption. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE

Product life cycle has four stages which are, introduction,...

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