Marketing Plan of Solar Panel

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Table of Contents

1.Executive Summary

2.Company Description

3.Strategic Focus and plan



Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

4.Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Internal Strengths and Weaknesses







Research and Development (R & D)

External Opportunities and Threats






Industry Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Company Analysis

Customer Analysis

5.Market-Product Focus

Marketing and Product Objectives

Target Markets

Points of Difference


6.Marketing Program

Product Strategy

Price Strategy

Promotion Strategy

Place (Distribution Strategy)

7.Financial Data and Projections

Past Sales Revenues

Five-Year Projections



10.Evaluation and Control

1.Executive Summary

The Executive Summary “sells” the marketing plan to readers through its clarity and brevity. The summary should present a description of the product/service, its target market, and its need within the market. The summary should also provide an overview of the main points of the plan and should emphasize an action orientation.

2.Company Description

The company description should highlight the recent history and successes of the company or organization.

3.Strategic Focus and Plan

While not included in all marketing plans, the Strategic Focus and Plan sets the strategic direction for the entire organization.

One approach to crafting a strategic focus is Porter’s four generic business strategy models.

Solar panel is a niche product in energy industry and its market share is not high. Thus, we will first apply profit impact of marketing strategy to increase our marketing share in solar panel through a strong market position, high quality of product, lower costs, and lower requirement for capital investment. For differentiation strategy as uniqueness competency, we also provide one-stop service of solar panel to consumers. The one-stop service plan involved several parts: free estimates and an energy advisor program, alternative finance payment option, warranty, after-sale service and update service. In addition, we provide the best value for customers rather than lowest price. The sustainable competitive advantage is low investment at the beginning and share with saving from solar panel energy system.


The Mission/Vision statement is a qualitative statement that specifies the markets and product lines in which a business will compete. A mission statement can dramatically affect the range of a firm’s marketing activities by narrowing or broadening the competitive playing field. An effective mission statement must be clear and direct.

The mission is that the marketing plan helps to approach target market and overcome prospective consumers’ purchasing barriers of solar panel by our low cost and uniqueness competency (differentiation strategy) including low cost of solar panel and labor for installation, free estimates and an energy advisor program , alternative finance payment option, warranty, after-sale service and update service.


The Goals section of a marketing plan sets both financial and non-financial targets. Goals should be in quantitative terms, where possible, to facilitate measuring the company’s future performance.

An example of a non-financial goal: “It is recommended that Philip Morris diversify its product lines to achieve 50 percent of sales revenue in non-tobacco products in the next five years.”

An example of a financial goal (note it is specific and measurable): “It is suggested that XYZ Inc. increase sales from $10 million in 2000 to $15 million in...
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