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Agora A Bangladeshi Largest Super Store Commerce
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Ads by TotalPlusHD-3.1V09.10×The MBA program is designed to focus on theoretical and professional development of people open to take up business as a profession as well as service as a career. The course is designed with an excellent combination of theoretical and practical aspects. This assignment provides us to link up their theoretical knowledge into practical fields. In this connection, I was assigned to AGORA Super store Ltd., department for my practical orientation. Students are required to prepare an assignment under the guidance of supervising teachers on a selected subject matter to highlighting his experience and to conduct an in depth analysis on the subject matter. I have tried my level best to present my experience of the practical orientation in this assignment.

To present an overview of Agora Super store.
To appraise the Agora Super store Innovations and how store try to adjust with the Innovations. To identify problems store faces before the innovation.
To suggest suggestions for the development of Store after the innovation.

The scope of this assignment is limited to the overall description of the company, its services, and its position in the industry and its marketing strategies. The scope of the study is limited to organizational setup, functions, and performances.

The primary data had been collected in various ways. The different sources were: Company’s Website.

By the company’s HR division.
Observing various organizational procedures.

From prior research report from the organization
From different books and periodicals related to the store.
From Newspapers and Internet.

Large-scale research was not possible due to time constraints. Relevant data and document collection were difficult due to the organization confidentiality. Non-availability of data in a systematic way.

This whole report is a detailed study on a Super Store and how this store adopt with the technology, where Bangladeshi Super store called Agora has been chosen as a subject matter. However, this report only concentrates on the Bangladeshi branches. This report will be divided into a few parts and commences with an introduction. An introduction of the Store and the organization will give a brief picture of the analysis. The next part will be important work on academic literature which will help in better understanding of the whole cycle which includes triggers of Innovation, managing change, impact on organization, resistance of Innovations, how to overcome to resistance Innovation and management process.

The next chapter will be on organizational analysis where all the information in academic literature will be related to the organization. There will be a thorough discussion on Technology introduced, steps taken by the management to deal with the resistance to Technology, evaluation of the Technology implemented as well as benefits and losses of the Technology. Further studies show the methods used (such as feedback forms for customers) to gather information to support the analysis in different ways. At the end of this assignment, there will be conclusions and recommendations for Agora superstore which can be done to improve the organization in respect to the current Innovation process.

The technology that was selected by the concerned organization has led to innovation. Technology is the application of knowledge to the practical aims of human life or to the changing and manipulating the human environment. On the other hand, “Innovation is a breakthrough approach or idea that can be completely new or idea that can be completely new or an...
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