Marketing Plan of ‘Bashundhara Tissue Industries Ltd’ (Btil)

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Recruitment Pages: 55 (12782 words) Published: November 4, 2008
‘Bashundhara Tissue Industries Ltd’ (BTIL) is currently the largest retailer if tissue paper products in Bangladesh. This company was established at a time when the use of tissue and allied products was not so common. The advent of these items in the domestic market has tangibly transformed personal hygiene standards of the common people. The BTIL plays a vital role as an important import-substitution industry and has recently begun limited exports. Human Resources Management department plays a vital role to any organization’s success. Now a day, Manpower is considered as a valuable part for the efficient productivity of an organization. But it is very tough & challenging job for efficiently dealing with various manpowers. In This paper, it has been tried to trace out the functions of HR & Administration department of BTIL.

It has been tried to draw out the manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement, job analysis, performance appraisal, promotion, increment, counseling, grievance handling, handling disciplinary actions, transfer, training & development, industrial relation, salary & wages, leave management, health & safety, facilities for employees & other functions of BTIL. Lastly it has been done SWOT analysis & recommendation for the department.

Objectives of this paper are as follows:
Drawing the functions & features of HRM
Depicting the contribution of HR & Administration department Evaluation the activities of the HR & Administration department of Bashundhara Tissue Industries Ltd (BTIL)

The scope of this paper is on & around the functions of HR & Admin department of Bashundhara Tissue Industries Ltd (BTIL), Anarpura, Gazaria, Munshigonj. During the internship program for 3 month, it has been closely observed the official environment & activities of this department & it has been gathered knowledge from the officials about the same.

This paper is mainly based on primary data. Data are collected from the HR & Administration department, & in some extents, secondary information has been used from books, official records.

The limitation of this paper is as follows:
Due to Business Policy many things could not be included No previous internship report on this department of BTIL Because of lack of practical experience, functions of this department could not compare with other Business Organization.

Human Resource Management (HRM) can be defined as the process of accomplishing organizational objectives by acquiring, retaining, terminating, developing, & properly using the human resources in an organization. Common functions of a Human Resource & Administration department are as follows: Manpower Planning

Manpower planning enables a department to project its short to long-term needs on the basis of its departmental plans so that it can adjust its manpower requirements to meet changing priorities. The more changing the environment the department is in, the more the department needs manpower planning to show: •the number of recruits required in a specified timeframe and the availability of talent •early indications of potential recruitment or retention difficulties •surpluses or deficiencies in certain ranks or grades

availability of suitable qualified and experienced successors Key components
Succession planning is a very important exercise because it minimizes the impact of turnover in these key ranks and gives a branch or department early warning of any skill shortages or likely difficulties in finding suitable candidates. Ideally a succession plan should cover 3 to 5 years. The succession plan should identify •key posts and possible successors

causes of turnover
competencies of successors and the training required for them •posts for which no apparent successor exists and the remedial action planned The information derived from the succession plan...
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