Marketing Plan: Mai Linh Taxi

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1. Executive summary
2. Current marketing situation
3. SWOT analysis
4. Objectives
5. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
6. Marketing mix strategies
a. Product strategies
b. Pricing strategies
c. Place strategies
d. Promotion strategies
7. Controls
8. Action program
9. Reference

With the main aim is that providing best service for customers everywhere they appear, Mailinh taxi provides some kind of taxis with the different price, different groups of customers and the different purposes of customers. For instance, Mailinh provide taxis for 4 people or 7 people, even the large cars for long journey. Moreover, they provide Mailinh Limousine for the customers who have high salary and high demand because of its higher price and quality of services… Along with the development of taxi department, Mailinh has been still one of the first choose of customers when they want to ask for taxis. In 2009, Mailinh introduced new kind of taxis with about 40 cars in Hanoi called Mailinh Limousine after running the trial VIP taxi in November and December and received the support of customers. This marketing plan will provide some useful strategies such as increasing the number of cars from 5000 cars to 7000 cars, achieving 40 billion USD, increasing market share from 24% to 27% nationwide at the end of 2010, developing new cheap brand of taxi called Easy in September of 2011 in Hanoi and providing membership card for customers in January of 2011…


Mai Linh Corporation was officially established on July 12, 1993, with 100% domestic capital by Mr. Ho Huy, who is a former soldier during Vietnam wars. At the very beginning, Mai Linh Corporation operated mainly in Ho Chi Minh City. In late 1997, Mai Linh Corporation began to expand throughout other cities, forming a network of providers of public passenger transport by taxi stretching from North to South. 2) SITUATION

* Macro environment:
+) Economic: Even successful overcome the financial recession in 2009, Vietnam’s economy is still recovering and facing the double digit inflation rate. However, in its latest report, Asian Development Bank predicts that Vietnam’s economic growth will be around 6.5% in 2010. +) Political: Recently, traffic jams and air pollution occurred frequently in Hanoi and experts and people lay the blame on taxi companies due to the large amount of taxi car in Hanoi, about 10,000 cars. Therefore, the government began to reduce the number of taxi by shut down some companies, not allow any new taxi business to operate. Many taxi companies sent the petition to the government to examine the decision stop increasing taxi in Hanoi. * Micro environment:

+) Competitors: Recently, the fiercest rival of Mai Linh Taxi in Ho Chi Minh City is Vinasun Taxi, who gains approximately 35% of market share compare to 27% of Mai Linh Taxi and continuing increases their revenue year to year. Furthermore, Mai Linh also has to compete with CP Taxi, Hanoi Tourist Taxi, Vic Taxi and others in Hanoi area. +) Marketing intermediaries: Mai Linh joined many social activities like donation, contributing many houses for poor and elderly people. In 9th November 2009, Mai Linh group came to visit and donated the people in the flood area in Phu Yen Province. +) Suppliers: The main suppliers of Mailinh Taxi are Toyota Vietnam for 7-seats car (Innova) and 4-seats car (Vios). However, in order to compete with other cheaper taxi, Mai Linh Taxi forms a new cheap line of the taxi by using small 4-seats car call Matiz from Daewoo. III. SWOT ANALYSIS


Due to the long history, strong reputation and the dominance in market share, Mailinh Taxi is considered widely as a strong brand name in the field of transportation in Vietnam. Therefore, the customers will feel...
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