Marketing Plan for New HP Product Geared toward Travelers

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HP’s business is defined as the entire world’s leader and innovator in providing top of the line electronics, such as digital cameras and printers, as well as providing the top I.T. services any company has to offer. HP continually makes advances in their products to stay the leader in each of the 8 industries and sub-industries it competes in. HP ensures the highest level of service and technology to ensure each person taking timeless shots, or huge firms relying on their I.T. outsourcing to stay profitable can do so with the full confidence of HP’s name. Its mission is to revolutionize the daily activities of the traveling business person by offering all of the amenities of his or her office in one easy to carry laptop case. Our business creates a new market for business travelers by allowing them to carry their “office” with them wherever he or she may travel to, without needing to return to the office for printing contracts, receipts, invoices, or completing transactions. Our fundamental goals are to ensure that every businessman and woman, specifically traveling business people, have the ability to bring their office with them under their shoulder and be able to conduct business anywhere using the "Portable Business Desk All-In-One." Leaving one’s primary office on a three day business trip, in essence, has no setbacks from being on the road. Showing presentations, reviewing contracts, editing contracts, printing receipts, reviewing a website with a customer that is not yet “sold”, and being able to complete any and all transactions at practically any location using the “Portable Business Desk All-In-One” will make conducting business on the road just as efficient as sitting in one’s office. That is our value proposition.    


➢ Execute product rollout ensuring the greatest product awareness amongst business travelers possible, while grasping its overall utility for the target segment.

➢ Ensure HP’s name is consistently behind the new product in all forms of marketing and advertisements to position itself as the market creator, innovator, and to warrant further understanding and ultimately purchase the "Portable Business Desk All-In-One."

➢ Mail and/or email monthly newsletters containing “how-to” videos, tips, tricks and advice for using the product to current owners, thus keeping customer loyalty should a competitor enter the market.

➢ The entire portable office market share for business travelers will be loyal to HP and have 100% market share (among competitors), as HP has the only product in its market. Total market share among this demographic is to approach 38% by the first year – about 5.5 million of the 21 million business travelers.

Target Markets

➢ HP will divide the target market into two sections, described below. U.S. business travelers total about 21 million and take over 405 million business trips, domestically, per year that are 50 miles are greater. Most are male and age 30 -49.

➢ Focus on two segments of the 21 million. Target the 53% of these travelers that are classified as professional, managerial or technical. A 3% market penetration in year one and a 7.5% penetration goal in three years is expected.

➢ Target the 28% of the business travelers that are in sales or service work. 10% market penetration is expected in the first year with an 25% penetration goal in three years. This group’s overall utility for the PBD will be greater due to its ability to complete a sales transaction right there with the client regardless of your location.

➢ Segmentation variables of focus are:

Sex: Male
Age: 30-49
Occupation: Professional, Managerial, Technical, or Sales/Service Fields Income: Greater than $45,000
Education: High School...

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