Marketing Plan for Coffee Shop.

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Marketing plan for coffee shop.

I would like to propose a marketing plan for opening a coffee shop in the city of Moscow. Over the past two or three years, a coffee shop in Russia managed to grow in a socio-cultural phenomenon: at once there was like a house of cards, the Soviet culture of consumption of coffee.

The drink was no longer just a utilitarian morning stimulant and has a satellite pastime very European style: the windows from floor to ceiling, special atmosphere, soft music, dozens of varieties of coffee. However, besides all this, coffee is a business not only successful, but also has today a huge potential for development.

No special studies and assessments of the market in Moscow stores to date has not been - in the press figure slipped to 10 million dollars, but experts believe that these data should be multiplied by at least two. The most interesting thing that the threshold for entry into this market and now is quite low: in Moscow, a city with more than ten millionth populations, working a little over 100 coffee houses. Specifics of the situation are that the number could double, while you read this magazine: now the market has several network operators, and is constantly expanding its presence in the capital, is also aware of the plans a few more networks to start an active expansion. Reasons for networkers choose this format are clear: it is advertised brand, uniform standards of service, a close range of each institution network, the ability to reduce costs through bulk purchasing and a simpler solution to the problem of recognition of the brand.

Despite the fact that non-network "individuals" to open coffee shops and more difficult in the financial and organizational sense, their share in the capital market is also growing. It has its advantages: any possible error in a "single" coffee can be effectively contained and eliminated, while the network structure.

In this case, its removal might require significant effort and investment.

Virtually all of a hundred people working in Moscow stores located in city centre, the solution is obvious, but due to apparent lack of free space on the first floor, which leads to amusing oddities: some streets cafes located opposite each other, and in other areas as needed to take a few quarters, to drink a cup of "cappuccino".

However, here is not so simple: not enough to win the premises on the prestigious street, to automatically become a successful - proof that some half-empty coffee shop in the most central that neither is "prime time". Here are some basic things, like the subway station nearby, but there are subtleties. So, choosing a place for coffee, you need to pay attention to the presence in front of a space - the area, a wide pedestrian street.

Attendance badly affected by the narrow sidewalks, and the flow of cars in front of the windows, as well as unsightly structures of concrete and glass for windows.

Unlike, for example, conventional restaurants, comfort and atmosphere of coffee shops can not build solely from the interior, must take into account a large number of external factors.

In a survey of the population, I have come to the conclusion that the main visitors of coffee in the evening - students and young working people aged 16 to 25 years. It is also interesting that, according to observers, 20-30% of the tables in the evening engaged in exclusively female company. In the daytime, a significant portion of visitors are yuppies in ties - is becoming fashionable to hold business meetings in a quiet, not noisy coffee shops.

In the near future the situation may change, but right now, about to open their own restaurant in downtown Moscow, it is worth trying to place it near the university, a beauty salon or a few large office buildings. May be not without interest the British experience - there network coffeehouse opened their mini-branches directly into the foyer of the office centres.

Coffee boom in Moscow ends today...
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