Marketing Plan for Canon

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Marketing Plan for Canon

Nature of Business and Background:
Canon Hong Kong Company Limited (CHK) has been established in 1971. It functions as a base for the strategic planning, marketing, distribution and technical service support of Canon products to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. With Canon's commitment in bringing quality and innovative cameras to consumers' world, Mr. Kazutada (Kevin) Kobayashi, President and CEO of CHK, is confident the future growth and development of the company will be bright and prosperous. CHK is a regular contributor to local charities and social causes, such as donating altogether HKD 1.5 million to Hong Kong Hospital Authority to support the frontline medical staff since the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and launch of the "Hong Kong Ka Yau" campaign that aims to revitalize confidence and to attract visitors from around the world in 2003. CHK also supports Canon's Global Cartridge Recycling Program. Used toner cartridges are sent to Dalian China where they will be safely taken apart and recycled. CHK is always dedicated to Total Customer Satisfaction. CHK is one of the few COPC-2000® certified companies in Hong Kong with its service performance attained international recognized standard. On top of it, CHK obtained Caring Company Award, the Certificates of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 representing the company's commitment to social responsibility, quality and environmental protection. The corporate philosophy of Canon is kyosei, which means "living and working together for the common good". Their aim in pursuing this philosophy is to support the development of a society in which all people enjoy happiness and fulfillment, regardless of differences in culture, customs, language and race.

Competitors Analysis:
Sony and Panasonic were selected to be the competitors that being analyzed. In the following, we will compare their Strengths and Weaknesses with our brand- Canon by analyzing three main parts which are function, service, promotion and Research and Development and also the effect of the change in Environmental Forces, which can represent both Opportunity and Threats. Comparison- Strengths & Weaknesses

A) Function
Canon has produced many different new function that other brand do not have. Take motion detection, which is the up-to-date technology that was invented by Canon, as an example, that is what it’s competitive do not have. Therefore, Canon has absolutely advantage in the function aspect. Weaknesses

Sony always produce fashionable and trendy camera that attract lot of people. However, Canon only provides a few color choices to the customers. Moreover, Panasonic is in advance of wide-angle development which is what Canon cannot provide to their customers.

B) Service
From the questionnaire, Canon has the best after-sale services. It provides free-delivery service to it customers. Besides, it also provides basic customer services to its customers, such as technical supports, products enquiry, product warranty, etc Weaknesses

Canon only has one specialty shop and customer service centre in Hong Kong, which may not be convenient for all its customers when they need their services. C) Promotion
Canon has its own blog for introducing the new products to the customers. This is a kind of Net-promotion. Besides that, Canon has launched a photo-taking competition and an exhibition. These, in fact, are the promotion strategies of Canon. Weaknesses

The promotion of Canon may not be good enough to encourage customers to buy the product. As its spokesperson, Ekin Cheng is not that popular in Hong Kong. However, the spokesperson of its competitor, Panasonic, is Karena Lam, who is much more famous in Hong Kong. D) Research and Development

Recently, Canon has invented a lot of new developments on their products. For example, Motion Detection, Face Detection, i-Contrast, etc. Weaknesses...
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