Marketing Plan and Situational Analysis for Nintendo Wii

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Marketing Plan and Situation Analysis for Nintendo Wii

Wii’s Macroenvironment

The Nintendo Wii’s macroenvironment consists of many components that the company has been able to successfully use to their advantage. They have developed a product that has completely revolutionized the gaming industry. Nintendo has done their research, and managed to expand their target market to people who would never think about gaming. They have successfully produced a product that almost everyone can enjoy.

Societal Trends

To begin with, the Nintendo Wii is a global product with a target audience of people, women and men alike, who are not the typical core gamers. These include older females, seniors, and people who do not usually play the typical PS3 or XBOX 360. that includes women and mAlong with this focus, Nintendo is also trying to appeal to the core gamers. en of all ages. The target needs to be much better defined. Don’t get carried away by common clichés and publicity slogans. For example, just take a quick count in class of how many have Wii. If the segment covers all ages and both genders, it only means that these are not good variables for segmenting this market.. The goal of their company is to expand the market so that Nintendo can bring more people into the world gamingreach all different types of people. The key ingredient that Nintendo has brought to the plate is interactive gaming. Is this a realistic goal or just a hyperbole? With this marketing philosophy in mind, keeping close track of societal trends is exactly what Nintendothe Wii has accomplished in order to be successful.

In The U.S.

One major societal trend that the Wii has been able to identify and capture in the United States is the growing age of our population. Generational groups such as the Baby Boomers have a ton of purchasing power that companies need to keep an eye on. Nintendo’s Wii has seen a nice contribution of its success come from this aging market.

Seniors have also taken a liking to the Nintendo Wii. Retirement homes put the Wii in the common areas so that the seniors can get together and play Wii games. One retiree says, “I don’t have to get in my car, go to the bowling alley, rent shoes, and use a heavy ball to bowl. It’s all right here.” What is so great about the Wii is that it appeals to every generational group alike. The Wii has a done a great job of really opening the gaming market to new areas.

Another major societal trend in the U.S. that is in the Wii’s macroenvironment is the rapidly increasing diversity. This is a trend that the Wii will end up capturing, because the product is so culturally universal. The increasing of our population with people from different ethnic backgrounds simply adds another market to our country. The culturally diverse population of the United States can all play the Wii. That’s what makes it so great.

Economic Trends

In our world today, we are faced with some of the most dangerous economic trends we have ever seen. The global economy is facing a recession that could go on for years now. The Wii, along with every other product in the market, is susceptible to the climate in which we live. Consumer spending is way down, because of the uncertainty of what is to come in future. The trend, that people have to rely on less income, affects every aspect of the United States economy.

But it seems that the Wii is able to ward off even the toughest of our economic situations. One news report states that during these times that more and more people, with extra free time on their hands, are getting together and playing the Wii. It’s almost as if the Wii is recession proof, selling over 10 million units last year. Just take this quote as an example of how the Wii is helping people during these tough times – “It is often suggested, usually by frustrated parents or angry spouses, that video games seem capable...

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