Marketing Plan and Positioning of Indian Wear as Formal Wear

Pages: 4 (617 words) Published: August 26, 2010
Indian Fashion
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Marketing Product:
Technical product: Designs, cloth etc
Functional Product: Formal wear (As specified in the case it has to be marketed as Formal wear) Emotional Product: Rebel need to socially acceptable (since western style is socially accepted and Indian fashion is not socially acceptable, the product has to be marketed as a rebel need and slowly shifted to Social acceptance).

Marketing Universe:
1) Executives and 2) Schools

Western style

Marketing Environment (partial list)
|Parameter |Environmental variable |O/T |What to do |S/W | |Product related |Availability of raw material (shortage) |T |Focus first in areas where product |S | | | | |available | | | |Skilled designers |T | | | | |Production- unorganised |T |Form cooperative |W | |Functioning related |Accessories (footwear etc) |T |Develop supply chain to areas where |W | | | | |clothes available | | | |Easiness to wear |T |Teach them young |S | |Utility related |Not having value |T |Change mind set |W | |Demand related |MNC’s entering |T |Develop Patriotic image |W | | |Indian companies |O...
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