Marketing Plan

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Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan
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Table of Contents

Mission Statement3
Market Objectives3
Target Market3
Product Objective3
Price Objective3
Place Objective4
Promotion Objective4
Competitive Situation Analysis4
Consumer Product Classification4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model4
SWOT Analysis5
Marketing Strategies6
Product Strategies7
Price Strategies7
Place Strategies7
Promotion Strategies8
Tactics and Action Plan8
Product Action Plan8
Price Action Plan9
Place Action Plan9
Promotion Action Plan9
Monitoring Procedures10

Company G offers high quality, cost effective, reliable computer plug-n-play Verbal Power On device that would enhance those with disabilities to access their computers. This device would make it more convenient to start a computer by a voice command from anywhere in the room. We will continue to enhance and expand this product to a worldwide market. Utilizing our advanced technology, we will exceed the expectations of our customers by providing state of the art products for powering on computers. By maintaining our utmost professionalism, we have become a very prominent and highly prestigious organization. We are committed to providing exceptional service and unparalleled product to each of our consumers. Company G is constantly looking to upgrade and enhance its products to meet the changing needs of its customers. We will strive to maintain financial balance by ensuring high value products to our clients. Mission Statement

“To provide assistive technology affordable products for those with disabilities backed by outstanding customer service." Market Objectives
Target Market
Today, technology has become a way of life. We are finding innovated ways to get something done with ease. Company G is on the cutting edge to support those with disabilities. This group is at a disadvantage when it comes to using computers. Our first target market is those that disabilities. The second target market would be computer companies that provide computers to the disabled. Third, the target market would be computer manufactures and the public. Demographically, we will concentrate first on institutions that train and teach those with disabilities. Second, will be the manufactures, institutions, schools, hospitals, and private organizations. Third, we will target manufactures of computers and the public. Our goal is to become the leader in the verbal power on device and voice command software. Company G has a low debt-to-equity ratio and a high credit rating. Our company enjoys excellent relationships with current suppliers, but because of differences in material requirements, new raw material suppliers will be needed to support the small appliance line. Company G will also need new suppliers for two component parts that will be purchased ready for assembly into some of the small appliances. The credit terms Company G offers to intermediaries in their distribution channel are typical for their industry. Marketing research has shown that the company’s XG brand and logo are readily recognized by most categories of electronics product consumers. Product Objective

Our team of engineers and designers have developed a line of top-quality computer plug-n-play Verbal Power On device, and through concept and prototype testing they have shown that the visual and audio design features are very appealing to potential buyers and give a distinct impression associated with quality and artistic elegance. The device uses voice activation that enables computers to power up. The device has a program that will activate the power on switch by a set command set up during the download. Our device is a plug n play (forthcoming...

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