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Executive Summary

The ultimate goal for the Air Multiplier is to become the most famous fan and have the highest market share in the industry in Japan. Dyson should aim to increase brand awareness when introducing the product to Japan.

The product is extremely safe, because of the lack of blades, and should appeal to families with young children concerned with safety. Also, the innovative design of the product should appeal to those who have an interest in high-tech electrical appliances, which are numerous in Japan.

The strategy that will be used to enter the market with the Air Multiplier would be to set up a factory in Japan instead of importing. This was chosen due to the constantly changing Japanese environment. A franchise will be set up in Japan and a direct marketing strategy will be implemented, as well as selling the fan in retail outlets and electronic stores in Tokyo. As for the pricing strategy, skimming will be used since it is the only bladeless fan on the market. The price will be at around 300 AUD, which is cheaper than other markets. This is due to the smaller size and to make sure Japanese consumers can afford it.

The artist Takuya Kimura will be used to advertise the product. Previous examples have shown that the products that have been worn or used by this artist have achieved great success. Furthermore, if Dyson sponsor a Japanese drama program on TV, they can increase brand awareness by having their logo at the beginning of the show.

Dyson will have to adapt slightly to the market. For example, the language of the manual and packaging will need to be translated, as well as the size of the fan and design of the packaging, because Japanese consumers are highly interested in flashy packaging.

The main issues Dyson must address are adapting to the market and Japanese cultural issues.

Table of Contents


Objectives with the Penetration of the Market4

SWOT Analysis5-7

Strategies that will be adopted7-8

Company function8-9

Human resources for Japan9-10

Marketing mix to the target market10-13

Adaptation to the market14







Dyson’s bladeless fan, named the Air Multiplier, works very differently to conventional fans, and uses Air Multiplier ™ technology. It was designed to replace the desktop or window fan, and is intended to provide smoother airflow and operate in a safer manner than other fans (Dyson, 2010). Dyson’s Air Multiplier is a ground-breaking innovation in the electric fan market that may begin a trend in the way future fans are made. When Dyson enter the Japanese market, they will face issues such as cultural differences and adaptation to the market. The key economic factors that make Japan attractive for this product are high income levels and population. Japan is a highly attractive market for this product, as there are many families with young children concerned with the safety aspect, as well as high-tech savvy consumers who want to purchase the fan as a status symbol. Early adopters of innovative products are also likely to be attracted to the product.

Objectives with the Penetration of the Market
Broadly speaking, the ultimate goal for the Air Multiplier is to become the most famous fan and have the highest market share in the industry in Japan. Firstly, it is important for Dyson to increase their brand awareness during the initial period when Dyson entering the Japanese market. It will be necessary to promote the product by using abundant media strategies. And then, specific methods will be used to attract the target market. For example, in order to attract some people who prefer to experience new technology and innovative products, the company can invite consumers to try using the Air Multiplier firsthand and understand how the technology works. Moreover, by stimulating the use of the product by the...

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