Marketing Plan

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Marketing plan is conventional part of Bachelor of Business Administration, requires a deep knowledge about the market. This marketing plan provides the students an opportunity to apply their knowledge practically, which they learn in their class. This program also creates confidence in students. The students apply different concepts of accountancy, management, marketing and other subjects practically. Another purpose of this activity is to introduce young students with the practical aspect of the business world.


We owe profound thanks and deepest sense of gratitude to Almighty ALLAH the Beneficent and the Merciful Who blessed us with determinations, the required potential and ability to complete this piece of project work. No words to describe our sweet sensation about our affectionate parents, family members and friends, because without their prayers and shadow of love, perhaps it would be impossible to attain this target.

We acknowledge with immense pleasure and want to describe our feelings of respect for our project supervisor’s valuable guidance, inspiring criticism, zealous interest and constant encouragement during the project. We found him to be very helpful and hardworking person. We want to thanks all the personalities who have been a source of guidance. We should also indebted to pay rich tributes to all our worthy teachers who taught us and for their continuous cooperation during the course of our studentship at the University





2Environmental Analysis3

2.1External Environmental Analysis3
2.2Internal Environmental Analysis3
2.2.1Resources (Capital)4
2.2.2Resources (People)4
2.2.3Organizational Structure and Culture4
2.2.4Product Development4
2.2.6Systems & Processes4

3Customer Segmentation and Market Analysis4

3.1Competitor Analysis5
3.1.1Competitor 15
3.1.2Competitor 25
3.1.3Competitor 35
3.2SWOT Analysis5
3.3Key Issues6

4Marketing Objectives6

5Marketing Strategy6

5.1Strategic Overview6
5.2Targeting and Poisoning Strategy6
5.2.1Primary customers their key influencers, decision maker, and economic buyer7 5.2.2primary users7
5.3Positioning, Value Proposition7

6Product Strategy7

6.1Product Portfolio7
6.2Product / Service Analysis7
6.3Description of Product 1- (Name of the product):7
6.3.1Product Concept and History7
6.3.2Key Messages & Main Benefits:7
6.3.3Features, Functions, & Benefits:7
6.3.4Target Market(s):8
6.3.5Estimated annual Sales:8
6.3.6Estimated profitability:8
6.3.7Market Growth Rate:8
6.3.8Geographical Scope8
6.3.9Consumer Buying Process(es)8
6.4Competitive Products, and Analysis8
6.4.1Direct Competitors8
6.4.2Substitute Products/Services9
6.4.3Potential New Market Entrants9

7Brand Strategy9


9Integrated Marketing Communication Plan9

9.1.1Advertising Activity10
9.1.2Direct Marketing Activity10
9.1.3Media Relations Activity10
9.1.4Online Activity10
9.1.5Sponsorship Activity10
9.1.6Sales Promotion Activity10
9.1.7Events Activity10
9.1.8Sales Support Activity10
9.1.9Retail Support and Other Collateral10
9.2Marketing and Promotion Budget11
10Distribution Strategy11


Pakistan is an agricultural country. According to Ministry of Food, Agriculture and livestock, agriculture accounts for 20.9 percent of the GDP. Dairy industry contributes 49% to the agriculture value and 11% to the GDP. Annual production of milk is 35.25 Billion liters in the country; But the Processed milk is only 4% of the total production. Like other...
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