Marketing Plan

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Marketing Draft: Les Mills

The Olympian “Les Mills” first opened the gym in 1968 and has been expanding its branches ever since including its Wellington branch in 1982, the gym I am focusing on (Les Mills, n.d). Les Mills is a one-stop comprehensive and full service gym located in Wellington. It offers facilities assisting in attaining active and healthy lifestyles through its extensive services.

Mission Statement:
Les Mills is a business providing a service with the goal of helping its consumers lead healthy and active lifestyles in central locations in Wellington.

Market Analysis:
Market Environment: The market is a considerable size in Wellington. Gyms like Jetts and City Fitness are key contributors to that size. Gyms vary in size and what they offer, they may be gender exclusive gyms, small stand alone gyms, large chain gyms, outdoor based training, and so on. Trends in the market consist of; attentive staff with relevant qualifications and a range of services within the gym (personal training, classes, good equipment). Customers within the market are in the “age of obesity” and generally concerned with “weight loss, muscle toning cardiovascular fitness, stress management and injury prevention/rehabilitation,” (The New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness (March 2009).

External Environment: Les Mills has many competitors as all gyms offer many of the same things. However all differ in internal features to set themselves apart from their competitors to target certain markets. Les Mills competitors are gyms like Jetts and City Fitness, and extend beyond gyms alone but also businesses which offer fitness, health and weight loss services, such as paddleboarding companies, Bikram Yoga and Jenny Craig.

Internal Environment: Les Mills offers a strong motivational culture, this is important in gyms, to motivate their costumer in achieving their goals. Les Mills staff are all well trained, personable people who create a...
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