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Assessment Evidence (a)

Assessment Evidence (a)

Reasons for choosing the product

Identification of marketing aims and objectives

Identification of market segmentation

Identification of target market

Reasons for choosing the product > >
WHITE PEARL toothpaste is one of the leading brands of toothpaste in UK. Our company has decided to import this type of product by judging the huge market demand which exists for this product in Bangladesh, (reference: assessment evidence b, secondary research/external sources of data/avg. sales of toothpaste in Bangladesh).

The growing number of awareness about dental care in Bangladesh is the main strength behind this kind of increasing market demand. We firmly believe that WHITE PEARL can be a successful brand in this region as well. Such firm believes came to us by the quality and standard maintained by the WHITE PEARL, they are very experienced producers of toothpaste and they always posses a comprehensive satisfaction from their active consumers.

All these made us to decide to import and market this popular branded toothpaste all the way from UK to serve the quality, for the people of Bangladesh.

Background of the product > >
History of WHITE PEARL
This WHITE PEARL toothpaste company was founded by Tom Chappell and by his wife Kate Chappell; together they both started the company. WHITE PEARL has been at the forefront of this toothpaste industry since their founding in 1970, and thanks to their early leadership, today they are the number one toothpaste manufacturer with nearly 200 employees and 90 oral care products found at more than 40,000 retail outlets across the UK and world.

They could hardly have imagined all this when the company started out, just the two of them, with a $5,000 loan and a single product. At the heart of their story and the growth of WHITE PEARL is the fact that, now as then, the work begins with a set of beliefs and values. Those beliefs and values guided them every day in how they create products and build relationships—with their co-workers, retail customers, vendors, and consumers. Values and relationship-building model and safe, effective products: these are the keys to their success in growing a profitable company while behaving in a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive manner.

Ingredients of WHITE PEARL
WHITE PEARL contains the following ingredients: binders, abrasives, sudsers, humectants, flavors (unique additives), sweeteners, fluorides, tooth whiteners, a preservative, and water. Binders thicken toothpastes. They prevent separation of the solid and liquid components, especially during storage.

The UK public associates mint with freshness. The most common flavours of WHITE PEARL for Bangladesh edition are spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon. Last but not the least the ingredient fluorides reduce decay by increasing the strength of teeth. Sodium fluoride is the most commonly used fluoride.

Marketing Aims and Objectives > >

Our aim is to make WHITE PEARL a popular brand of toothpaste in Bangladesh. So we have taken some objectives to meet up the aim which we have set. The objectives are given below:


To increase the sales margin
In order to make WHITE PEARL a popular brand, general consumers must have the buying interest for it. So to make it we should increase the total sales margin of it.
To achieve customer satisfaction through better complain practice The more complains the better result of the product, in this way we will obtain the satisfaction and can give solutions to the problems to our consumers when they may face. Thus it will help them to stay longer and will create a bond with our product and might create a sense of popularity among the other types of consumers as well.

To carry out...
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