Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, IPhone Pages: 4 (976 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Consumer Buying Behavior

Product - SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab

Issue – Introduction of a New Product

Market Summary

The Galaxy Tab target consumers: who need to store information and communicate or people who want entertainment on the go. Samsungs target segments would consist of professionals, students, corporate users, entrepreneurs, and health care workers. Currently, the market for tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab is large but still untapped. A lot of people want Internet, video, and PDA features in one device. The Tablet market is still relatively small compared with general PC market. The market will rapidly increase in coming years due to lower prices and greater power. Its major competitor would be Apple's iPad.

SWOT Analysis


Innovative – The Galaxy Tab has an innovative touch screen that is patented and unmatched by any other tablet today. It also has thousands of applications available for free under the Android OS market.

Brand awareness – Samsung is well known for its white goods, mobile phones, etc. along great technological innovations that they embed in their LCD TV’s. Whereas, for its competitor,i.e., the Apple iPad is also a very well known brand but has a lower brand awareness than Samsung. Samsung has a higher brand awareness due to its wide range of products and diverse segments that it targets.

Price – At Rs. 25000, the Galaxy Tab would be sold at a reasonable price for its value. It outperforms any other tablet in the market and the convenience of having multiple features combined into one-device increases its overall value. The Galaxy Tab would provide high end features at 33% lower price than its competitor the Apple iPad. iPad – Rs. 37,500

Convenience of Carrying – The Galaxy Tab is very handy with its 7” screen and sleek design, comparing this to the Apple iPad it has a 10”screen and is 20% more in weight and 25% more in thickness.


Image – The Apple brand is not targeted...
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