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About the Company1
Executive Summery1
Our Mission1
Our vision1
Our goals1
Our objectives1
About The Product2
Features and benefits2
About the marketing plan3
Environmental Analysis3
Marketing strategy4
S.W.O.T. analysis4
About the Pricing5
Expected sale5
About the Promotion6
promotion budget6
About the Place7
Direct Sales7
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- About the Company ( SJR LLC. ) -
Executive Summery
Our company SJR LLC. Is a company that is interested in technology and has several international agencies in the Gulf region, was established in 2009 in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. We are always one of the first companies to introduce new technology to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve individuals and the business community.

Recently we took an agency for a product named MCCR from ROAM Data, Inc. It is a cellphone tool that provides the user with the ability to process credit card sales from their cellphone. It is designed to work with many different types of smart phones such as APPLE, BlackBerry and Android phone. In order to use MCCR you’ll have to download the application from any stores of the phones brands mentioned previously; a user friendly, small application with the size of 20KBs.

Our Mission
Is to provide our customers with the best and latest technology that helps them in renewing their business. Our vision
To always be the leader in transforming the business world into a simple world for both parties, the merchants and consumer. Our goals
1. To have a good relationship with local and international companies. 2. To increase the company's market share.
3. To have loyal and committed costumers.
4. To increase the company’s role in social responsibility. 5. To achieve a profit while helping while meeting the costumers needs. Our objectives
1. Build alliances with the leading manufacturers locally and internationally. 2. Making a plane to increase our market share.
3. Proved our customers with the best after sale services. 4. keeping in touch with our current customers.
5. Helping in social events by taking sponsorships.
6. To support 10 volunteer groups.
7. Giving a convenience prices for our products and services that can give us profits while gaining the customers trust. 8. To have a net profit that equals ______ Saudi Riyals in 2013. 9. To Sell not less than 250 of the product in the first month.

- About The Product ( MCCR ) -
MCCR is a very useful cell phone tool for payments. what encouraged us to take its agency is that MCCR helps both merchants and customers. In more detailed way, if a company used MCCR it will
* Increase its market share by adding a new target market. * Add more values to their customers.
* Make sales anywhere and anytime.
In other hand the customer’s benefit will be
* Choosing the most suitable method to pay.
* Start not to worry where to find or to spend time on ATMs machines. Features and benefits:
Email Receipts
Receipts sent electronically with no wasted paper
Offline Transactions
If you lose your signal or service it can store transaction securely for later upload Various kinds of operating systems
Android, BlackBerry and iOS (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch).
Free application
Fast, free and user-friendly application that you can download from App Store, App world and Google Play Store according to the kind of phone you're using.
Various ways to accept payments
You can accept payments with MasterCard, Visa, American express and diners club. Design and packaging:
MCR is a very light small product that comes in two colors black and white MCR’s packaging is very attractive and informative.

- About the marketing plan -

A. The Marketing Environment
1. Competition
There is no compaction in selling the same or similar product in Saudi Arabia. 2. Legal and political...

Purdue university - Agricultural Innovation & Commercialization Center (marketing Four P 's)
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