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In this report we will be discussing the international marketing management of McDonalds with respect to USA and Pakistan. This report covers McDonalds Corporation international market environment in which we discussed the international and domestic marketing principles, nature of growing global marketing environment, and the cross cultural implication prevailing in the markets and distinguishing cultural differences.

The report further concludes the international marketing planning process followed by McDonalds Corporation, in which we discussed the project management techniques, different stages of international marketing management techniques, market research process, country market choice and market entry strategy and the critical evaluation of impacts of brand, differentiation and cost leadership.In this task we have analyzed the different processes used by McDonalds and have determined their progress as definite.

The report also concludes the requirement of marketing mix for international operations, were we discussed difference between standardization with adaption andextension with innovation, pricing strategy, marketing communication campaign, delivery elements of marketing mix and importance of e services. Marketing mix being one of the basics elements in business activities is being followed not just on domestic but also on international ground by McDonalds Corporation and their business is flourishing due to their effective control on marketing mix.

The report has also cover certain evaluation tools and models used to analyze international marketing like PESTLE, SWAT, and competitive strategy analysis. McDonalds Corporation in these concerns is in a very prominent position to carry out its business activities in international capacity but also has to be considerate about its weak points in the market.

In this report we also made analysis on the human resource development techniques used by McDonalds Corporation to get maximum output from its employees and seek international development commitment from its employees, the strategy used by McDonalds Corporation to expand business abroad were the market trends are different and unfamiliar and McDonalds have to make global partnership with other business houses of the relative countries and considering finance, payment and international investment in trading abroad.


|S.NO |TITLES |PAGE NO | |1 |TITLE PAGE |1 | |2 |SUMMARY |2 | |3 |INTRODUCTION |5 | |4 |1.1 International And Domestic Marketing Principles Of McDonalds: |5 | |5 |1.2 Growing Global Market Environment Of McDonalds: |5-6 | |6 |1.3 Practical Marketing Cross Cultural Implication Of McDonalds Operation Abroad: |6-7 | |7 |1.4 Current And Potential Cultural Differences: |7 | |8 |2.1 Project Management Techniques Of McDonalds: |8 | |9 |2.2 Different...

References: [2]Din, Shaykh Hafeezud. Selling Haram commodities 13 Aug 2012)
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