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LA VOZ (The Voice)

Kyle Clemons Jr.

Mr. Walas

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* Table of ContentsPage 2
* Executive Summary Page 3-4
* Situational Analysis Pages 4-6
* Marketing Planning Pages 6-12
* Summary Pages 12-13 * AppendixPage 13
* ReferencesPage 14

Executive Summary
While working with Samsung, we have created a device called La Voz (The Voice). What it does is something that people could really use in this busy growing fast technology world we’re living in. It is latest Smartphone that Samsung has released to the world to use. It is a phone that is hand-free, voice activated for answering calls, text messages, and your hands will never be use to dial or text only when carrying. I feel this phone would be a lifesaver for those heavy phone users. La Voz marketing strategy is to highlight the value and worth that such a product will bring to our target market. Our target market consists of heavy texters while driving/ talking on the phone, lazy people who at time don’t feel like holding the phone, business people, baby boomers, and generation y. We have determined that these types of people have the tendency of talking and texting on the phone while driving. La Voz will greatly benefit this market by offering a simple device to use. Drivers would be able to concentrate on the road rather than trying to pick up a phone after it has been dropped causing accidents; same goes for texting and talking on the phone with the La Voz; both hands will be on the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion. We are offering a top of the line modern piece of technology that will satisfy a widespread need. We have the opportunity to release this product to the public right before the start of summer. Advertising techniques such as radio advertisements, commercials, and print advertisements will be incorporated with our promotion strategy. This device will sell for $250.00 and can be purchased by using cash, check, or credit card through Sprint or on the Samsung website. Additionally, the phone, the name, and contents of this product are so clever that it will attract customers even more. Based on the size of our market, our sales forecast for the first year will amount to $300 Million. We have collaborated with Samsung to put together an operating line of 4,000 employees in the United States. Our company will expand as our product prospers. We plan on being successful based off what our product can do and how everybody would want it just because they feel they would be the first to have it out of their friends. We feel that drivers would find our product helpful for them on the road based off it being hands free and voice recognition. We feel that our product will reduce accidents and tickets based off seeing a lot of members from the target audience using phones while driving and adults tend not to stay in their lane when being occupied. Our product would cause buyers to be more focused on surroundings then what’s on the phone. Situation Analysis

Marketing Firm
We are privileged to be working with one of the oldest and largest manufacturers on the planet, Samsung. Who has been in business for over 70 years, Samsung has dedicated to making the world better through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscrapers, and etc. They lead the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.

SWOT Analysis of La Voz
* New, modern technology
* Broad target audience
* Satisfies a very widespread need
* Less accidents
* Young, intelligent staff
* Lends itself to multiple forms of advertising
* Text and driving rate decline
* Go Green
* Voice activated

* New product concept
* No true comparisons
* Large expense to get the...

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