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Phase 5 Individual Project
Hellena Elaine Wesson
Robert W. Touro
March 25, 2013

Executive Summary
“Kellogg is a Global Company Committed to Building Long-Term Growth In Volume and Profit and to Enhancing its Worldwide Leadership Position by Providing Nutritious Food Products of Superior Value” (W. K. Kellogg). We are the largest cereal company in the world, ahead of all North America’s frozen food companies, and only one company leads us in producing cookies, savory snacks, and crackers. We are continuing to aggressively develop new products that are wholesome, nutritious, and great tasting. We are finding new ways to satisfy the many various tastes around the world while also making our products healthy. The marketing plan that follows is for the purpose of increasing our consumer base. It will segment our target market by demographics, psychographics and/or current environments. It will also include information about the products which we are attempting to sell, some of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). You will learn what our customer’s profile is, what we ultimately want to achieve with this marketing plan, and how this plan will meet our business plan objectives. The products’ position in the marketplace will also be included within this plan along with methods we will use for the promotional plan of the products. You will find a twelve month calendar of our advertising budget. The conclusion will emphasize the main parts of the marketing plan. Situational Analysis

We are in a fast/growing competitive market. Our target market are those who want to embark on a healthier way of life or those who want a variety of ways to continue their healthy way of life. The target market is present and new customers ages 4 and older. Nine out of ten of us do not receive the recommended daily amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in our diets, so, change these drastic statistics. The decision to eat a healthy balanced diet is very important for many consumers. The number people who want the food they eat to and the activities they do to enrich their healthy lifestyles and help keep them healthy are increasing daily. While there are four large companies (Kellogg’s, General Mills, Post, and Quaker Oats) which currently dominate the cereal market, Kellogg’s has the confidence of consumers. Product Strategy

Kellogg’s manufactures and sells cereals which include Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispies, and Special K. Our products not only contain whole grain, but are considered a good source of fiber unlike more than half of the other cereals on the cereal aisles. Competitive Analysis

Kellogg’s control 42% of global market share for Pre-sweeten cereal, which is three times more than any of our competitors. We have the strongest brand recognition and advertising recollection of any cereal manufacturer. Those are strengths of our company, but we also have weaknesses. For example, our market shares have been eroding the last couple of years and we have in the past been a follower as far as pricing strategy. The biggest opportunities for the company is international expansion and developing a better pricing strategy which ensures lower prices, thereby reducing costs and increasing our declining market shares. Our competitors (General Mills, Post, and Quaker Oats) are a threat to Kellogg’s because of the competitive pricing they do and imitation cereals with lower prices. Customer Profile

The target market is busy consumers who are taking notice of their health and fitness who want health, nutritional products that taste great. The age of the target market ranges from age four to adults. Marketing Goals

Kellogg's wants to emphasize the significance of a balanced lifestyle in order for the target consumers to understand the fact that a balanced diet and exercise can improve their lives and the lives of their family....

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