Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Sanitary napkin, Product management Pages: 28 (9376 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Viet Nam has been developing at a very steady speed for the past few years, which leads to higher standard of living and rising household income. People are more aware of health issue, especially women. For them, one of the most inconvenient periods of time of their life is the time when they get menstruation. Acknowledging the high demand of sanitary napkin, Diana JSC has launched their product since 1999 and become very successful in making Diana one of the most popular brands in all over Viet Nam. In this plan, our group focuses on Diana 4 teen, one of the main products of Diana because we are impressed by the high quality and brand awareness of the product. Also, the company has good reputation and rapid growth in profit. Their products are continuously applied the most advanced technology to improve the convenience for the customers. Although in South Viet Nam, Kotex is still leading the market of sanitary napkin, we hope this marketing plan will provide strategies for Diana to surpass Kotex and make them become the leader of the domestic tissue and hygienic industry in Viet Nam.

1. Company Description
Diana JSC was established in 1997 as a local private company specializing in products within tissue and hygiene. With more than ten years of experience in operating in Vietnam, Diana is one of the most successful domestic tissue and hygiene manufacturers in the country and has the ability to compete with international manufacturers, such as Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble. The core business of Diana is producing Diana brand sanitary protection, Bobby Fresh brand nappies/diapers/pants, All Care and Bobby brand wipes, and Caryn brand incontinence products. The company possesses a diversified product portfolio to meet the different needs and demands of various consumer segments. The company concentrates on developing two main product categories, namely sanitary protection and nappies/diapers/pants. At the end of the review period, Diana offered Diana Sieu Tham, Diana Soft, Diana M, Diana Night, Diana Daily and Diana Libera within sanitary protection, while in nappies/diapers/pants its product offering consisted of Bobby Fresh, Bobby Dry, Bobby Soft, Bobby Newborn and Bobby Green Tea. Although its incontinence brand Caryn was only introduced in 2008, it became established as one of the leading brands, due to the strong advertising support provided by Diana, as well as its highly effective distribution system. Diana has achieved nationwide distribution across some 61cities and provinces in Vietnam, through both traditional and modern retail channels. The company has distributors and sales agents in every city and province to facilitate the distribution of its tissue and hygiene products. So far, the company's market share in the market Sanitation and children diapers has an average growth of 30% a year. From 1999 until now, Diana is always selected as a high quality Vietnamese product. Their technology in manufacturing sanitary napkins and Sanitation Child Diana Diaper is the most modern in Italy and Vietnam in the 20th century. Diana is also the first and the only in Vietnam that was certified ISO 9001:2000 (by SGS-UK level) and is the first recommended brand by the Assembly of Gynecology and Obstetrics. The company exploits a strategy of continuous improvement in terms of product quality and packaging, along with a particular focus on branding and advertising over recent years. Such a strategic direction, has allowed the company to not only to overcome difficulties but also to create good opportunities for the company to grow its retail volume and value sales and to secure its leading position in tissue and hygiene products in Vietnam. 2. Product Description

Diana 4 Teen is a sanitary napkin product which targets female teenager segment. This product line has been applied the most advanced technology of Hi-speed grid ham and a whole new design with its length...
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