Marketing Plan

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Principles of Marketing – MRKG 1311.80, Spring 2013

Marketing Plan for a New Product Being Launched

The purpose of this project is to understand the components of a Marketing Plan. You are to launch a new product for the selected company.

1. Select a company or use a hypothetical company. Possible existing company choices:
l. Ford Company5. Home Depot 9. Luby's
2. Toyota6. Wendy's10. Proctor and Gamble
3. Wal-Mart7. McDonald's11. Others of your choice
4. Target8. Starbucks

2. Design and Submit - Design a marketing plan to launch a new product into the market for the company you selected. You will design and submit two sections at a time as indicated on due dates.

• Chapter 2 provides an overview of the contents of a marketing plan (Table 2.2, Contents of a Marketing Plan), and Appendix 2 (Marketing Plan) in your textbook provides a sample marketing plan that you may use as a guide.

• You will submit different sections of the Marketing Plan on due dates indicated in the course calendar and in the table included below. I will provide you with feedback on each section, and you will then submit the completed and revised Marketing Plan on or before April 28.

Marketing Plan Due Dates
|February 24 |March 17 |March 24 |March 31 |April 28 | |-Executive Summary |-Threats and Opportunities Analysis |-Marketing Strategy |-Budgets |Completed Marketing Plan| | | |-Action Programs |-Controls | | |-Current Marketing Situation |- Objectives and Issues | | | |

3. Competitive Review (Current Marketing Situation): For the competitive review, analyze two competitors.

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