Marketing Plan

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The marketing environment for LIMCOMA represents overwhelming opportunities. It also contains some challenges that the firm believes it can meet successfully. An illustration below shows a SWOT analysis of the company to highlight LIMCOMA’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


LIMCOMA’S dedicated founders understand the target market and products. LIMCOMA has achieved distribution in several markets with quick acceptance The firm has a very little debt with great potential for growth. LIMCOMA has its own manufacturing firm for maximum quality control


The consumer may tire of the products. The firm needs to keep it fresh. Many competitors may still arise.
Relationships with retailers may deteriorate if they believe they face internal competitions in the form of internet sales.


LIMCOMA’S loyal consumers are likely to buy new products
LIMCOMA has a chance to expand across the Region into new markets. The firm can reach more consumers via its website.


LIMCOMA’S founders may lose sight of the potential scope of their business. A limited number of consumers around the region are aware of LIMCOMA Brand. LIMCOMA relies on a single manufacturer which limits production capacity if the firm wants to expand.

In just three years, LIMCOMA has built some impressive strength while looking forward to new opportunities. Its dedicated founders, the growing number of loyal customers, and sound financial management place the company in a good position to grow. As the company finalizes plans for new products and expanded sales, its management guards against competitors who attempt to duplicate products. However, building strong relationships with consumers, retailers, and suppliers should help frustrate competitors.

A. Competition
LIMCOMA MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE products are forming their own market. Although there are many companies that do make similar products, LIMCOMA’s one main advantage is that it has its well-equipped feed mill that can produce any animal feed requested.

B. Customer
Within the feed and farm supply industry, businesses compete on price, quality, customer service, and delivery. Customer service can include things like ability to produce a range of quantities, and custom-feed options. Customers must also trust the supplier for regular, reliable service and consistent quality, since sudden changes in feed can really disrupt their animals' digestion and health.

Our existing customers have pretty routine buying patterns. They might like to buy the feeds or maybe not also. We can’t predict what they are thinking about the products offered by the firm. Moreover, the same customers come at the same time of the week or every other week. Their deliveries are scheduled for the same time, with the same volumes each time. When asking our customers why they use our products, they always have the same answer: "your custom feed is so good for my animal and it is priced just right."

Most of our customers have been doing business with us for several years. Solid customer relationships, a friendly atmosphere and being available to provide quality products at a good price all add to a successful bottom line.

C. Social
Community Service is a responsibility of all its residents/citizens whether perons or artificial beings. Limcoma as a cooperative, also faces different dilemmas when it comes to social environment. It may not be likeable to the majority because there may be existing feed mills to their place which they use to patronize. It takes a lot of . Hence, the LMPC Board of Directors, in October 2000 organized the Limcoma Foundation, Inc. with the following     primary purposes: * To establish and maintain a non-stock, non-profit charitable foundation which will promote and encourage the social health and economic advancement of members and employees...
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