Marketing Plan

Topics: Business, Marketing, Cisco Systems Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Unit 1 – Case Study
Ruth A. SchulerBrooks
Question 1:
How is building a brand in a business-to-business context different from doing so in the consumer market? When one first thinks of this one probably think about loyalty. Loyalty means consumer choses to use again and again the same product, the same brand. Consumers who are loyal to a brand are not willing to change it with another competitor brand. The business market vs. the consumer market the difference may seem obvious but the two can’t be any more subtle. Dwyer and Tanner (2006) said that business market generally entails shorter and more direct channels of distribution and consumer aim is a large demographic group through mass media and retailer and it on a more personal level. Hutt and Speh (2001) stated that most business marketers commit only small portion of their budget to advertising. When setting up advertising to the consumer market they usually pull out all the stops. In most household even the most complex of decisions is decided by the small family unit or consumer. In the business –to-business it is on a very high complex level. Ordering products could be a low risk to the business and they might have little to be concern about. But if a business is considering purchasing another company to enlarge the product line this could be consider a very high risk and not left to just any office junior in charge of purchasing. Business to business buyer tends to be more rational and consumers are more controversial. Consumers have tendency to make purchase on a whim or just indulging recklessly, they usually buy what they want when they want. In business to business the tendency is more rational so it can be easier to design and produce a good reliable product. Almost all business to business markets exhibit a customer distribution that confirms the Pareto Principle of the 80:20 rules of thumb. They are seldom talking about thousands or millions of customers; they usually...

Links: s based on the brand recogination but might want to do bring back some of their outsourcing of there technical support. This is probably one of their poor decisions aslomaybe the hardware business. Keeping this probably a a discount brand for consumer and maybe looking into a better premium brand for their business to business consumer.
A press release on Apr 12 2011 stated that as part of the company’s comprehensive planto align its operations. They announced that it will exit aspects of its consumer business and realign the remaining consumer business to support four of its five key companies priorities. They will shut down it Flips business
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