Marketing Plan

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Product management Pages: 9 (2199 words) Published: November 16, 2012
An Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for
Majestic Monarch Corporation

Submitted to
The Marketing Department
College of Commerce and Business Administration
University of Santo Tomas

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major in Marketing Management

Corre, Ian Paolo
Manzo, Eugene Kaye
Reyes, Michelle Ann
Ty, Dempster Regan
November 4, 2012
I. Proposed product
Today we live in world wherein almost everything is available in the market. Companies make products and soon after others will try to at least copy or mimic the product. Our consumers want variety in any product. They need a wide range of products to choose from or else, they will be fed up with the same product and might switch to your competitor.

By the use of the Usage, Attitude and Image (UAI) Survey, the researchers came up for a new product extension, the bacon bits hotdog. The researchers have found out that 24% of the respondents answered new product extension in the question “What kind of hotdog which is not available today would you want to see in the market?” The remaining 76% answered completely different suggestions.

Since Majestic Monarch Unlimited Corp. has created a name in the processed meat manufacturing industry and have started the Seven Kids hotdog brand, the researchers want to introduce new flavors that might be a hit to the target market. They want to launch a new product variety wherein eating your ordinary bacon wrapped in hotdog will be hassle free and less messy called the bacon hotdog. This new product will not be just your ordinary hotdog, it has bacon bits made from the same manufacturer and it is made with highly natural products.

A. Product concept
Imagine your much-loved bacon wrapped hotdogs can now be easily eaten without being messy and it’s hassle free? Your favorite hotdog now contains bacon bits and will retail for P135.00 packed per kilo.

1. Product Depiction (including packaging and labeling)

B. Target market
1. Geographic – People residing in NCR (National Capital Region)
2. Demographic – Male and female with ages of 15-40 years old
3. Psychographic – On-the-go individuals; mostly single; some are average income households; who loves high quality and tasty food.
4. Buyographic – with the tendency to spend or with high disposable income; people employed in business process outsourcings C. Proposed positioning
“Quality Product Creates Excellent Food”
Majestic Monarch Unlimited Corp. (previously known as Asia Food Canning Manufacturing) has been in the meat manufacturing business since 1992 and has established a name in the industry. The company’s selected positioning for the brand is considered ideal for the following reasons: The products of Majestic Monarch are from carefully selected and formulated raw materials to manufacture excellent sausages, cold cuts, bacon, and other meat delicacy. Backed by product development, adjustments are undertaken as defined by customer preferences and specifications. Given these things, the product positioning is seen to best fit the image that the product is depicting to the market.

II. Marcom objectives for the first year
1. For Majestic Monarch’s products to be purchased by the consumers in groceries, supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailer stores. A. Awareness
Our products are usually purchased only at the place where it is processed or delivered to the customer’s house or office. As our company’s way of expanding we would also like to distribute it into places where in our customers may be able to buy it easily, anytime and anywhere. Also this is another way for our brand and product to be known in the market.

As this kind of method where in it is distributed to places where customers can easily buy it starts it will no longer end but just continue distributing it to...
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