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Swift Marketing Plan: Phase II
Swift is the largest transportation company in North America. It transports with the largest fleet of trucks and largest number of intermodal terminals, as well as by sea. The goods transported are varied in sizes, from large cargo bays to small packages. Swift is attempting to improve its business by offering a unique service. It would like to allow its customers the opportunity of precise transportation tracking, enabling customers more control over their products and inventory. In order to do this, certain conditions must be met. The criteria for market selection must be identified along with the target market. The buyers and consumers of the good and service must be understood as well as the factors influencing their purchasing decisions. These factors influence the marketing strategy. Lastly, a competitive analysis must be done to understand the competitive landscape of Swift’s service. Segmentation Criteria for Target Market Selection

In the early stages of a search for opportunities the company would be looking for customers with needs that are not being satisfied as well as they might be. There are different possible types of customers with many different characteristics. In spite of the many possible differences, there often are subgroups (segments) of consumers who are similar and could be satisfied with the same marketing mix. Thus, it is ideal to identify and understand these different subgroups—with market segmentation (Kotler, 2009). First, data would be collected from the swift customer data base as well as information obtained through recent U.S Census. This information will be used to identify potential customers using their geographic locations, populations, age, income and family size. Second, the information would be used to break down the population into different market segments. The breakdown would include parts such as average age of a certain area or their average income. Evaluate the information and...

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