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Company Profile

Godfrey Phillips India (GPIL) is the second largest player in the Indian cigarette industry. Incorporated in 1936, the company has diversified into others businesses such as confectionary, tea, cosmetics and retailing.

The company has a wide network of over 500 distributors and 800,000 retail outlets. Headquarter in Delhi; the company has offices in over 8 locations in India.

The company is exclusive distributor of the brands manufactured by Altadis in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Altadis is world’s largest cigar manufacturer and owns brands like Farias, Fleur de Savane, Phillies, Dutch Master, VegaFina, Pleiades, Don Diego, Antonioy Cleopatra, Santa Damiana, Meccarillos, Cruzeros, Montecristo, Partagás, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, H. Upmann, Picaduros, Ducados Mini, and many more.

In India the company operates two manufacturing facilities located in Ghaziabad (near Delhi) and Andheri (Mumbai). These facilities have received ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 certifications for maintaining international quality standards.

The company partners with various players in tobacco industry and provides expertise services such as contract manufacturing, consultancy services, cut tobacco and smoke analysis. Currently it has presence in Middle East, West Africa, South East Africa and South East Asia.


Cigarette- Godfrey Phillips India’s core business is manufacturing cigarette. Under this division has created brands like Four Square, Red and White, Jaisalmer, Cavanders and Tipper. Company has also initiative in developing products such as Stellar, the first slim cigarette and I-gen, the first euro norm cigarette in India.

Other businesses- Godfrey Phillips India also has business interest in area like confectionery, tea, cosmetics and retailing. It has created brands like Funda mint (confectionery), Tea City, ColorBar (cosmetics) and 24x7 a retail store located in Delhi providing wide range products such as packaged foods and beverages, personal and home care items, has a pharmacy and many more.


Godfrey Phillips India won Golden Peacock Award 2007 for excellence in Product Innovation category for Four Square.

Company’s brand Tipper won Golden Peacock Award for the best product innovation in the year 2006.

Company was awarded at Indian National Suggestion Schemes' Association (INSAAN) awards to its Andheri Plant for its best suggestions/ideas during the various convention held on different topics and places.

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Four Square is a well established and leading cigarette brand in India. Launched way back in 1964, the brand commands trust and reputation amongst its consumers and is known for its innovative ways to meet the changing consumer preferences.

Today, the Four Square franchise has a wide portfolio of variants that are available in both King-size and Regular-size segments, namely - Four Square Kings, Four Square Special, Four Square Premier, Four Square Fine Blend and Four Square Rich Gold.

In its relentless pursuit to provide value to customers and leveraging advancements in technology, the brand has many firsts to its credit like introducing innovative pack designs with a tactile look and feel, and applying digital means to communicate with and delight consumers.

2.1 Product Analysis :

I. Product Company : Godfrey Phillips India (GPIL)
II. Product Category : Cigarette
III. Product Size : Available in packets of 10 pieces of varying length 69mm & 75 mm respectively. IV. Features : Available in mini and king sizes.
V. Packaging : Four square is available is white packets with four red square in middle. VI. Composition : Tobacco is the main constituent in the cigarettes.


Prices for different sizes & categories are as follows :

1)Four Square (Filter Tipped) S-10-H...
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