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Topics: Management, Scientific method, Theory Pages: 8 (3014 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Mr. Edens is the CEO of Electronic Banking System Inc., a company that belongs to a small but expanding financial service. Before founding EBS, he worked as a financial controller for National Rifle Association. In this case you can see that he has a very strict control over his workers. The environment in which his employees have to work in is comparable to a cage. He requires them to process three envelopes a minute as well as being absolutely silent at the same time. Mr. Edens covers up all objects that could be used as a distraction to his workers. This enables the employees to be able to perform their job perfectly. His employee’s desks are pointed to cameras that are covered by plants that allow him to watch his workers whenever he wants to observe them. Because workers are not allowed to have a social life, they prefer to socialize with one another during their lunch break. Hard Candy is the only allowed snack during work and not focusing on the actual work is nearly impossible. If someone makes a mistake, an error message will appear on their screen saying so. Mr. Edens says no one is expected to think because the machines are doing all the thinking for them. All he expects is that everyone keeps working and that they do not waste any of his valuable time. Mr. Edens does not like people wasting his time, that is the reason why he has many harsh rules. While Mr. Edens’ employees have hard schedules with long shifts, it seems like the minimum wage does not compare to the amount of work they are assigned to finish. The workers that have a family have to manage their time wisely in order to be able to have any time with their family. It is complicated for them to be with their family because of the long shifts they have to work for Mr. Edens. These types of jobs are stressful on a persons life. Therefore, it makes trying to have a normal life outside of the business office is very hard. Even during the employees work breaks their life is sometimes influenced by their working environment. Outside the office, they have other difficulties. For example, trying to relax and get out of their controlled working schemas is hard for one even in their own homes. Influenced by their work, they do not have not much free space left to follow normal instruction and doing everyday work that reminds them of their office work. The study shows that surveillance causes a negative attitude because workers feel pressured, paranoid, and prone to stress-related illness. Several workers got fired because they did not like the working environment and the type of control Mr. Edens is practicing. However, they were reinstated because National Labor Relations Board filed complaints against the company.Frederick Winslow Taylor is known as the “father” of scientific management. because of Taylor’s work at the Bethlehem Steel companies in the late 1800’s, it motivated his interest in improving efficiency. By defining clear guidelines for improved productivity through a “simplified scientific method,” it was Taylor’s passion to seek out and to create a mental revolution among managers and workers. He defined four principles of management: 1. Develop the best method to perform from studying each part of the task scientifically, 2. Training carefully selected workers to perform the desired task using the scientifically developed method, 3. Fully cooperating with workers in order to ensure they are using the proper method, and 4. Properly dividing responsibility and work in order for management to be responsible for planning work methods by using scientific methods, while workers are responsible for executing the work accordingly.

One of the three types of management is called the classical/scientific approach. This type of management can be defined as using the scientific method as the “one best way” for a job to be done. In this case, Ron Eden’s exhibits a classical/scientific approach in how he manages his employees. This is a principle that is...
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