Marketing opportunities new

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Marketing opportunities

Executive Summary:
BBQfun is one of Queensland's specialty retailers. The BBQfun brand is synonymous with barbeque retailing and is built on the strong foundation of selling barbeques and outdoor lifestyle items to Queensland consumers since 2009. BBQfun’s product range is primarily focused on barbeques and outdoor lifestyle products, incorporating both local and important goods. BBQfun operates two stores in Queensland, one in Brisbane and one at the Gold Coast. BBQfun provides to customer great value products, excellent customer service, continuously improvement and innovation and is trusted by more than 10,000 customers in Queensland.

Situation analysis:
The retail market changed over the last few years; it became more competitive than ever before. Therefore consumer buying patterns changed as well. BBQfun increased they market share until 2010 steadily to $10m. Since 2010, sales dropped dramatically because of changes in the retail market, technology and changed consumer behavior. BBQfun has moderate pricing, extensive and high-quality product range, excellent customer service and offer three year product guarantees as only one in the market. BBQfun has identify the basic market need is for quality, fashionable and unique outdoor lifestyle items.

Identify two marketing opportunities
1.growing opportunities for online sales.
In marketing preferences survey of 500 customers, there show 100% customers will buy online and pay for online delivery if chosen, so online sale is the one of opportunities. 2. Increasing sales opportunities outside of our store locations- south east Queensland. Queensland has a population growth of 5% (2.5% in 2012 ABS) annual. New homes buyer and renovated houses growing steadily from a base of 50,000 per year. Unfortunately the low unemployment rate of 4,7% grow to 5.4% in 2012 in Queensland. Therefore Queensland has now the second highest rate in Australia.

SWOT Analysis
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