Marketing of a New Product at Snowy Snowboarding

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Perception Pages: 3 (451 words) Published: November 19, 2008
1.Purpose Statement
2.General Description / Syllabus
3.Marketing Research
4.Marketing Perception
5.Research on Snowy Brand
6.Competition Analysis
7.New Snowy Products & Services
8.Platform to Stimulate Sales at Snowy
Marketing research
olately global increasing significance;
obut can not be said that is reached maturity yet;
oit’s wrongly done when something seems to go wrong in the company; oit should be done:
to optimize of the work flow,
to feel the market beat/trend,
before any major action,
even in short term marketing planning;
oit should involve and entail the operational work force.
Sales stimulation
oit’s wrongly done:
only in a compact environment,
only in the marketing team,
without actually being effective on the market.
Understand where Snowy stands in the snowboarding industry; •Improve Snowy’s position and seize more market share in the snowboarding industry; •Develop new innovative snowboarding products based on marketing and technical research; •Improving perception over Snowy’s image.

Theoretically approaching the problem statement;
Research, analyze and understand Snowy inside sales trend; •Research, measure and understand the market regarding:
oage segmenting of the consumers,
oaiming for the most important quarter,
ogender segmenting of the consumers chosen quarter,
orepositioning Snowy with introducing a new department exactly designer for the new segment, odifferentiating Snowy’s new department from the competition; •Prototype concept construction based on the above:

odesign innovative new products exactly suited based on the differentiated process, odevelop associated products creating family products,
odevelop special services for the new family products;
Develop application programs to deal with the...
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