Marketing of Guimaras Mangoes to the United States

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The meaty flesh of a mango fruit is sweet, but the fruit's pit is so large and hard. Ripe mangoes are fragrant and soft to the touch, but not mushy.

Mangoes can be processed into a number of unique products such as dried mangoes, puree, juice, chutney, halves and scoops, jelly jams, and pickles. A uniform quality and an adequate supply are assured throughout the year through processing. Processed mangoes enable exporters to serve their markets even during off season period for fresh mangoes. Also, exporters can penetrate buying countries with strict phytosanitary requirements by supplying processed mangoes.

The distinct taste and nutritional value of Guimaras mango variety puts it above any other mango in the world.  Mango is one of the priority crops being supported by the major programs of the Department of Agriculture (DA); Mangoes are included among the high value crops to be given priority under the High Value Crop Law.

Distribution is an exceptionally important phase in the marketing of mangoes. The fruit after harvest has to pass through several agencies before reaching the consumers.

The Philippines has already established its credibility in supplying high quality mangoes to important markets especially to the United States.

The recent organization of the Philippine Mango Development Council provided the impulsion to unite the key players of the industry into a single advocacy group that will work together for the sustainable development of the Philippine Mango Industry.


One of man’s greatest triumphs in the cultivating of wild plants is the cultivated mango. Centuries of cultivation and selection produced a luscious fruit. Many varieties are grown in different countries. Here in the Philipines, Guimaras is known as the “Mango Country”, gaining the name because of its sweetest and big-sized mangoes. Based on the data of the National Statistical Coordination Board of the Republic of the Philippines, the year 2002 was a good year for Guimaras' mangoes. It was in this year that it formally joined the world export market and cooperatively, production soared to its highest for the last three years. 2002 production posted a growth of 446.40 percent or five times higher over the 2001 production. Despite the decrease in the number of fruit-bearing trees, more trees were induced to flower as favored by the weather conditions. The Philippine mango, considered in western countries as an exotic tropical fruit, is fast gaining popularity worldwide. It is the third biggest dollar earning fruit next to banana and pineapple. But competition from other countries has led to stricter international standard controls for mango and the fruits produced in Pangasinan and the other Ilocos provinces have yet to meet quality standards demanded by the United States. The United States may open its market to Philippine mangoes, with that country’s agriculture department funding a survey to find out which mango-producing areas have no incidence of mango seed and pulp weevils. Major importers of Philippine mangoes in the United States are looking forward to less costly mangoes from Manila with the decision by the US government in December to allow other provinces in the Philippines to export the produce. A United States-based Philippine official has revealed the introduction of a technology that would help cut down the shipping cost of Philippine mango exports to that country.

Eventually, such technology would also allow mangoes from other areas of the country to enter the US market. Presently, only mangoes from Guimaras Island have been allowed in the US.

According to Victoriano Leviste, agriculture attaché at the Philippine embassy in Washington DC, The key is to create a niche market through our Filipino residents and possibly...

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Leovelyn Hope B. Parreño February 26, 2010
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