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Marketing strategy

1. Introduction:3
1.2 Background of the company:3
2. Analysis of the situation:4
2.1 SWOT analysis:4
2.2 Differential advantage/competitive Edge:6
2.2.1 Competitive analysis:6
2.2.1 Competitive edges:8
3. Recommendations:8
3.1 STP Analysis:9
3.1.1 Segmentation:9
2.1.2 Target10
2.1.3 Positioning:11
3. Four PS12
3.1 Product:12
3.2 Price:12
3.3 Place:13
3.4 Promotion:13
4. Conclusion:13
5. References:15
6. Appendixes:16
6.1 Appendix 1.16
6.2 Appendix 2.17
6.3 Appendix 317
6.4 Appendix 4:18

1. Introduction:
Technological advancement has facilitated many business functions through the invent of different devices including the computers, software, transport mediums, machineries etc. Such advancement has increased the competition in the market among the business ventures as well. To be successful in the present market situation, every company has to take effective business strategies for the different areas (marketing, production, finance etc). This report will be written by the author discussing different aspects of the marketing strategies to be used by the Samsung Telecommunications. Author will discuss elaborately the current market and competitive scenario of company along with the competitive edges. The recommendations for the marketing strategy will be given in the report on the basis of the segmentation, positioning, targeting and marketing mix functions. Author will provide deep analysis on the marketing analysis of the smart phones of the Samsung Telecommunications. 1.2 Background of the company:

Samsung was founded in 1938 as the trading company in South Korea. In the late 1960 the Samsung entered in the telecommunication industry. From the 1990s, the Samsung has been increasing its business globally. Samsung Telecommunication is one of the business units of multinational company Samsung Group. (Slideshare, 2013). Samsung has been become the most popular brand worldwide from 2005 for the electronic products in South Korea and worldwide (Slideshare, 2013). In 2012, Samsung Electronics has become the largest mobile phone maker in worldwide by unit sales. According to the Annual report 2011 of Samsung, the electronics products of the Samsung has been sold and generated a record amount of earning that makes one of the companies as the sustained global leader. Specially, the smart phones have acquired a salient amount of the global mobile phone market competition with other mobile communication companies. At present the products (mobile phones) of Samsung Telecommunication have been recognised at all over the world for the top quality and creative for the users in the reasonable price. As of the Q3 2012Samsung acquired the 46% market sharing producing the Google Android running devices. At a glance of Samsung mobile market share in 2011

Source: Samsung Annual Report 2011.
2. Analysis of the situation:
2.1 SWOT analysis:
In 2011 the demand of the mobile phone worldwide was 1.5 billion units in all over the world while the Samsung individually sold 330 million of those units. The amount of the sales exceeded the limit of the expectation of the company. Samsung GALAXY S11 were sold by 20 million from the introduction from the April 2011. On the other hand, GALAXY S3 was introduced in middle of the 2012 which gained the most of the smart phone market share worldwide for the outstanding performance and service. The mobile phones of the Samsung have a wider range of the uses and a variety of choice for every class of people around the world. For the outstanding software development in the smart phone, the Mobiles of the Samsung have gained a strong position in the market (BBC, 2013). Moreover, by the good service of the Samsung S2, this company got 9 million pre order for before the launching of the Samsung S3 in 2012. This was the milestone expressing the strong market position in...

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6.2 Appendix 2.
Source: Globe and Mail. Canada. 2012. (Accessed in 15 April 2013)
6.3 Appendix 3
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