Marketing Mix of Shampoo

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BaWang Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo


The BaWang Man’s Anti-hair Fall Shampoo combines ancient Chinese wisdom with modern pharmacology and biotechnology to bring optimum hair care results to consumers. And this is effective to prevent the hair fall problem.

Market Segmentation

1. Demographic segmentation

Age: Over 30 years old

Gender: Male

Income: Middle income level

Race: Chinese???

2. Psychographic segmentation - Lifestyle

The people who trust Chinese herbs more than western medicine and avoiding chemical products.

3. Behavioral segmentation - Benefit

The customers can prevent hair fall after used this shampoo. They can have greater confidence and better image since he would not suffer from hair fall problem.

Consider personal health

Target customer

Over 30 years old men, who are middle income level, preventing hair fall problem.

User Status: Potential users, regular users


1. Product

I am going to talk about the product of marketing mix for these shampoos. Product is plays a principle roles in marketing mix. Now, I would like to elaborate by levels of product and product classification.

First, I want to talk about the BAWANG Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo. The core benefit of the shampoo is that the customers can prevent hair fall problems after they use.

The actual product of the shampoo: The outlook of the package is black and golden, which can give customer a noble, mysterious and grand image. On the other hand, there is a spokesman who is Jacky Chan on the package. And the name ‘BAWANG’ can give customers a powerful and royal image.

For the product classifications, we think it is a specialty product. It means the unique or branded consumer products that buyer willing to make a special purchase effort. It is a specific product because it is especially for men. Nowadays, lots of men are suffering the hair fall problem. Even the price is more expensive when comparing with others, still BaWang has its market shares.

2. Price

Price is the sum of all the values that consumer exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. XXXXXX

- Price around HKD139.9 to HKD159.9

Marketing Objective: Product Quality Leadership

Bawang’s objective is being the product quality leadership, first of all, this product’s package is professional, based on the product is combining with other product, such as hair conditioner. Besides, BaWang uses many resources to develop the product involve some of the Chinese herbal extracts. Due to the high cost and providing a professional product, BaWang’s price would be higher than the others.

Pricing Strategies:

BaWang use 3 pricing strategies, they are:

Promotional pricing: Although the price is higher than other normal products, sometimes the personal care store would provide a special discount to the consumers.

Psychological pricing: From the picture above , the price is set at HKD139.9, to attract more customers, let them feel the price is more reasonable.

Product bundling: Sometimes Bawang will combing several products and offering the bundle at a lower price, such like some sample product combing into this product.

3. Place

A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer.

I will talk about

Distribution channel

Type of Channel arrangements



Types of intermediaries

First of all, BaWang is distributed by Manning’s, Watson’s. It used conventional channel, which is a model shows the relationship among manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Manufacturer produces the products, then assign these product to wholesaler. Finally, consumer will buy the product from retailer. On the other hand, almost BaWang’s coverage included China. It doesn’t establish subsidiary overseas.

Assortment of BaWang positioned the shampoo for...
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