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Lenovo:The company was founded in 1984 by a group of eleven engineers, headed by Liu Chuanzhi, in Beijing. This company had become the biggest PC manufacturer of domestic and distributed third party products through its wholesale business. Today,these two companies lenovo and IBM are united under the Lenovo name. With Lenovo's landmark acquisition of IBM's Personal Computing Division in May 2005, the new Lenovo is a leader in the global PC market and products serving enterprises and consumers the world over. Dell:Dell Computer was founded as PC's Limited in 1984 by university student Michael Dell. The company was so successful that within two years PC's Limited had distribution offices in Europe, and changed it's grammatically-incorrect name to Dell Computer Corporation.Selling assembled computers from his dormitory room, By 1991, seven years after selling it's first computer, Dell Computer Corporation was listed in the Fortune 500. Dell was one of the first companies to offer computers for mail order via the Internet. The Dell Coupon program made many Internet models cheaper than other brands, and continues to be popular to this day.

From homepage of Lenovo , we can see, there are two main part of his market segments : Professional-grade and Lifestyle. Professional-grade like server computer , the top-level desktop and laptops. These products always make for the professional staff or hardcore players (hot game players). They are very expensive , more than fifteen thousands RMB. But lifestyles are cheaper and closed to our wallet . You can only pay about five thousands RMB. To dell, they are divided into four levels. For home.For small and medium business For public sector and For large enterprise. So we can chose the right level that is perfect for us. From...
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